Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One of my most favourite words is 'shopping' (the closely-related favourite word being 'money'). And I have to say myself, I'm a pretty darned great shopper. I know where to go, to bargain, how to choose and best of all which item is best value-for-money. I personally think an item bought is worthwhile when:

  • It is cheap relative to one's love for it (adore the item to pieces!)
  • It's bought on sale (anything bought on ridiculous sale of around ~50-80% discount is worthy!)
  • It is very useful or very beautiful to look at or a great present to someone dear.
  • It has a very sentimental value (personal emotional attachment item) like your first favourite boyband album or the album from an artist your grandmother loves.

So, this is an essay of the difference I found in the shopping environment (and in lesser extent the items themselves) in between Malaysia and New Zealand:

I found New Zealand overall a better place to shop. For one thing, shopping in autumn, winter and spring is great since I can walk for hours along the shops on Queen Street and High Street with no apparent sweating. This is extremely important since I HATE SWEATING IN PUBLIC. That means body ordour and that's another issue that I just cannot tolerate on. 

Secondly, New Zealand has myriads of great quality items that is sold at a fraction of its price in Malaysia at their retail outlet stores like Dress Smart. As for now, other than Factory Outlet and Reject Shop (which actually sells rejected stuff instead of normal items), Malaysia has yet to have a retail outlet store that operates everyday through out the year. It means I can buy great boutique clothes (I love boutique clothes in New Zealand, they are classy, trendy, beautiful and of high quality material! One of my favourite boutiques is Max and Jacqui E  ^^) for really cheap prices. I bought a great brown dress for NZ$20 which is about RM50. It's original price is NZ$150, if I remember it correctly. I found an almost exact same dress in Zara here in Malaysia for more than RM200.

Thirdly, the size. I found it easier to find a great fit for clothing, shoes and accessories in New Zealand. Basically, they have my size stocked well. And another most important thing regarding size is length. Malaysian clothing, I found, is lacking in length. The tops, pants and skirts are unusually short for big-sized clothing. I mean, it logical right? The bigger the clothes you make, please make allowances for length too. Extra length can be modified by cutting but shorter length? No can do anything about it -_-

Malaysia has it plus points to in shopping :) I can buy shoes for cheap sometimes at Vincci (I love some of their designs if not the cut -_-). I know now that many major retail accept debit card.....I can't think of any more advantages (perfumes are very expensive, I can buy RM300-RM400 perfumes in New Zealand for around RM100 and the perfume sale is like 3 times a year, 2 times at Smith & Caughey and one time before Christmas almost everywhere). Tell me a place where I can buy Hugo Boss XX 100mL for RM100 (which is another purchase that I never regretted) in KL then I can put KL in the list of a great shopping mecca.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART III

Once firmly seated and exulting over my luck (I came in late and get to go in the earliest and get to sit on a good seat), I get on talking to the people around me. Apparently, the area where I was seated was a special area for contest winners @_@. And I was the only ticket buyer on that row. Hohohoho. If only I was as lucky as the contest winners :P

I also saw old couples with children on the cordoned area on the floor in front of us. Since they were not shouting or jumping up and down, I knew that they were some bigwigs from the organizers and sponsors companies. I felt like saying, 'Shit, since you don't seem interested, why don't you let crazy fangirls like me to sit at your place :P'. Slowly the empty seats were being filled up. I feel proud to say that all of the Free Seat areas and Rock Pit area were filled to the brim. There were even people who sat on the stairs. Another intelligent question to the organizer, have you ever heard of safety exit? What if a fire occurs and there are people who are blocking the stairs causing untold congestion and accidents? Did they actually sell more tickets than the stadium's capacity?

Anyway, the only seats which were not filled and kept empty were the VVIP/VIP seats. And those seats were reserved for companies bigwigs, so I could understand if they were not into kpop :) Kpop is not that mainstream in Malaysia as many would believe. Otherwise, all of the seats were occupied. Even before the concert started, people were really hyped up. There were screams when 2PM were flashed on the side screens and chants for 2PM were peppered in between random screaming.

I myself refrained from screaming as I was saving it for 2PM :P My Hottest (Malaysian Hottest fanclub) were organizing a surprise event of bubble blowing after Thank You so they came in and distributed bottles of bubbles to the front seats (I chose the blue one). Sadly, people were so distracted, only few including moi, blew bubbles after Thank You. The effect that they wanted was sadly not achieved.

The concert started off with the lights being dimmed, pyrotechnics and green laser beams. It was really awe-inspiring. 2PM came onto the stage with full of energy singing Hot (Junsu AKA Jun.K's composition). I didn't exactly remember much of the whole concert since I was busy screaming away, singing along, dancing, jumping up and down, screaming all of the members' names, screaming 'I LOVE YOU' and 'SARANGHEYO', and making that heart sign with my arms on top of my head to Wooyoung and Junho. Wooyoung actually did that heart sign back to me! Okay, maybe he's just doing it randomly but hey, I'm allowed to my delusions.

The whole stadium was singing ALL of their songs which was really awesome since it means that they are real Hottests who actually listened to their songs and know the lyrics. Even the older guy who sat next to me knew all of their songs and was singing along and dancing! If I would to list the highlight of the concert, it would definitely be the Back2U's performance. The sexy girls in man shirts, the close body contacts, the sexual undertone of the dance, the semi-stripping, the sexy slow song. All of them made the crowd go wild. But it was Hands Up and 10 Out Of 10 that made people stood up and jumped around like crazy. The whole stadium even did the one hand up thingie that they did in the dance during Hands Up and the awesome 10 Out Of 10 hand waving (with all fingers splayed wide signalling 10 out of 10).

Not forgetting their most favourite hits Heartbeat (man people were doing the hand movement) and Again & Again. For me, the highlight of the concert was actually Again & Again since it's one of my all time favourite. The crowed was awed by Chansung's sword performance and Nichkhun's angel and devil performance. People were having fun with Junho's song (the one he sang with Wooyoung) and Nichkhun's and Taec's My Valentine. Junsu got serious screams and chants for his performance in Alive. That song is a really great song that made all of us felt alive! Love it!

They also performed their older hits like Don't Stop Can't Stop, Without You, I'll Be Back and many more. Again, it's impressive that people were doing all the hand signs for their songs like the thumbs up for I'll Be Back, okay sign for Without You, punching dance for Again & Again and throwing hands up in the air like a boss (and you don't give a fuck) for Don't Stop Can't Stop. 

One thing I could safely say for 2PM is they know how to work the crowd. They didn't just stick to their choreography, they were extremely playful and teased the crowds with winks, butt-slappings, waves, love signs, random burst of random dances, adlibs and many more. They utilized the stage to the fullest, walking and dancing around from one end to another. They were also very very energetic, dancing and jumping around for the whole 2-hour concert.

My personal impression of 2PM:

  • Junsu can speak English very well since he spoke a lot of English. Me gusta! I was really surprised since he rarely speaks English before. It is always Taec and Khun who speaks English.
  • Chansung is very shy since he rarely talks and when he does, he speaks really properly to thank fans and such. The members teased him mercilessly. I remember when some interviewer asked him what's the advantage of being the youngest, and he said 'Basically there is none'. LOL!
  • Taecyeon is very very playful! He's the one who teased the crowd the most!
  • Nichkhun can actually sings pretty well! He sounded good live and he sang within his voice range and abilities :)
  • Junho is indeed an Emperor! He has that aura around him of 'Touch me not' somehow :P His song is really really good (he should promote it!) and he can burst into random cuteness sometimes :) Oh did I also mention he danced like a BOSS? He did the flips, the hand stand etc like it was effortless! Ah and I think he sent a heart to me (again leave me a delusion to hold on to).
  • Wooyoung is just plain adorkable! His body is like a temple and man he can roll like nobody's business! He also did the most heart signs to the crowd!
  • The boys are extremely good looking up close, extremely tall with long long legs, very healthy looking, very energetic, very funny and great performers who are great in engaging the crowd :) They have great stage presence! Ah did I forgot to mention one of them mistakenly greet us with Hello/Hi/What's Up SINGAPORE? It was a LOL moment which I actually missed since the crowd was so wild (the guy next to me was the one who told me).

In terms of fans, there are mostly girls who came. The fans are of all ages, some teenagers, some youngsters as young as 10 years old (why are her parents allowing her to attend a concert @_@), some in their 20s and 30s and there are even families coming. But there were also many many many male fans who actually know their songs and choreographies. The man who sat next to me was a nice man who knew all of 2PM's stuff! Oh Nichkhun's family was also there! Man Nichkhun is so lucky that his family came to many of their concerts (even in Korea and Japan!). There were even fans from Singapore, Thailand and surprise surprise, Japan! Why they came all the way from Japan to Malaysia is a mystery to me since 2PM has a 9-venue tour in Japan soon -_-

Random Note: It was so hot when we were queuing up outside and we were sweating like horses after a run that a girl made a crack saying that 'That's why we are the Hottests!'. Hahahhahahahahahaa.

Anyway, I had tons of fun! I'll write more once I recall any random stuff regarding the concert and 2PM <3


P/S: Pictures coming soon! Sorry no fancams since I don't have a camera T_T

2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART II

2PM came on Wednesday, 2 days before their concert day on Friday. To me it's a good omen since they were not rushing things and had time to settle down and adjust a little bit to Malaysian scorching temperature and humidity :P It took me weeks to adjust to the heat and wetness when I came back, that I told my Mama that I was suffocating (seriously). Anyway, they arrived safely from South Korea at KLIA at 10.40pm. 

Sadly, I couldn't go and greet them at the airport since my parents were away and I had to mind my 15 and 16 year old younger siblings. Now, why didn't I thought of bringing them along in the first place? Ah, well it's because teenagers who are undergoing puberty are basically a mystery to me. They refused to go anywhere with me, so that's the end of it T_T I didn't scour for pictures, fancams or fan-accounts since I want to be surprised :)

On the second day, 2PM had their High-5 event with select few who bought the Rock Pit ticket (the ultra expensive ticket that equals the price of my mobile phone -_-) and official Hottest 3 members. How I envy those who got to go and touch these boys. I want to touch them badly!!!! Errr, now I sounded perverted, but hey fantasy is allowed here :P

D-Day was finally arriving. Sadly (I had a lot of these 'sadly's), my presentation was pushed back to that particular Friday (why, oh why do you have to do this to me?????) and since I ran out of reasons to back out (exam is 2 weeks away, so I cannot not do the presentation that Friday), I had to come to school at 2.30pm (man, I wished we could do the presentation at 8.00am!!!). I was doomed from the start since I knew the presentation would take a minimum of an hour since I wrote it myself. And with the 40-minute drive from school to the concert venue, I knew that I could only be there as early as 4.00pm :(

Anyhow, it was worse than that since my presentation took me 2 hours to finish. I even asked for special permission to go back early from my lecturer, which was granted, praised be Allah! I rushed home and reached the concert venue, Stadium Merdeka, at around 6.00pm. I didn't actually look at the time since I was frantically looking for Syikin and the gang (the girls I met during the ticket sale time).

However, the line was really really really really extremely messy and long. It was that bad. They have 3 entrances into the stadium and man, since the stadium is an old one that goes way back to before Independent Day (1957), the entrances are damned small. One entrance was specifially for VIP ticket holders, the other one for VVIP ticket holders and the last one was for Rock Pit and Free Seat ticket holders.

Now, I ask you, why the hell they have one small entrance for the biggest number of ticket holders? Since it was for Free Seating, many people actually came as early as 8.00am in the morning to line up to get a good place to sit (as closer to the stage as possible). Syikin even came at 1.00pm and she texted me saying that there were so many people already lining up in the heat. That's how dedicated these people were.

My heart sank to the bottom of the sea hearing that since I knew I had to line up at the end. When I arrived at the venue, like I said, the line was so damned messy with people coming from all sides instead of properly lining up from the end. I was khunfused by the mass of bodies and got pushed into the middle-front line. The pushing was so bad that I was pushed into an open ditch. Now, another question, did the organizers ever heard of the word safety hazard? The ditch is an accident waiting to happen. 

Luckily (another one of my many lucks), there were these 2 friendly and nice Chinese girls who cautioned me about the ditch and held me before I actually break my ankles. Since I was stuck in the middle of a sea of human bodies, I couldn't hold on to my mobile (and it has to stay in my pants' pocket for the duration before the concert) and I was semi-permanently separated from Syikin and Lywen :( 

But the girls, Rachel and Emilia (I assume that's how her name is spelled), were very friendly and in the middle of human body heat, we talked about 2PM and their songs. Then the sky threatened to open and wet all of us, thus people get anxious and angry that the organizers had yet to open the door to allow us entrance. It was already 7.00pm and the heat was unbearable (since I was stuck in the middle).

Then somehow people started pushing again and I was pushed to the entrance (can you believe how lucky I was???). But along the way, I was pushed into a metal pole, a metal barrier, a lot of rubbish on the floor and an angry protective Chinese guy who was protecting his girlfriend. He kept screaming at me (and I was apologizing and explaining that I was pushed by the melee and in no way that I want to hit on him, this stupid idiotic guy who didn't seem to think logically). After suffering all the pushings, I get to go in.

And was told by the organizer that I should sit on the front benches. Wait? Front benches? I thought I was supposed to seat at the back? But the khunfused me who just suffered back pain, muscle pain, feet pain, mental pain and all sorts of pain, just walked meekly to her the place she directed me to and sat. Then another lady came and told me that 'there are so many empty seats in the front row, why don't you sit there?' . My heart was jumping with joy and I get to sit on the 3rd row from the floor (I chose the 3rd row since any lower I felt that I couldn't see the stage as people would stand on the floor) which is about 20 to 30 steps away from the stage. Man, I had a very clear view of the stage.

2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART I

I am a 22 year old with a lot of extremes. Okay, many of you know my age, so let's just stick to 22, shall we? I have moved on from my teenage years of loving so many artists....Wait, I've never actually loved so many artists. I only loved Backstreet Boys since I was 12 -_- Well, I've loved BSB to pieces since I was 12 and people know it (since I talked about them ALL the time. I mean ALL the time, really). My dream since I was 12 came true last year when BSB came to Auckland for their worldwide concert.

Somebody told me about it since I didn't actually follow the concerts in Auckland and I desperately tried to find  ticket for the concert. Fortunately, my best friend Joyce wanted to tag along (she is actually worse than me since she actually bought some hella expensive official goodies) and both of us had real fun during that concert. The highlights of the concert were - We got lucky that we bought a NZ$100+ tickets for a much lesser price and the seats were about 10 to 15 seats away from the stage (they are floor seats and they are soooo awesome!!!).

Anyway, the whole point of this story is since BSB, I've added another favourite artist that I follow religiously. Yes, it's 2PM. Since every few of my posts is about 2PM, it's very obvious that 2PM is my thing, my other 'extreme', I'd like to call it :P Again, I got really lucky this time that 2PM chose Malaysia as one of their tour venues (since Malaysia is notorious for being overlooked for any concerts T_T People just go to our neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand instead). So I went to VIVA at around 2pm (wow this post is sprinkled with 2PM everywhere!), and surprisingly, the line was really really long. I actually thought not many people will go and buy the tickets since I had this impression that 2PM is not that loved in Malaysian kpop scene.

Now, why did I say that? First off, all of my friends who are into kpop are not into 2PM. I mean all of them. It's either Big Bang or Super Junior or 2NE1 that is their favourites. Secondly, any Malaysian kpop TV shows, countdowns, music shows and such rarely play any 2PM songs or clips. Really rarely. In any dance cover competitions, no competitors in Malaysia ever covered 2PM's choreography. In kpop radio shows in Malaysia, 2PM's songs are rarely played. So get what I mean, 2PM is equal to rarely or never in any Malaysian kpop world.

I could say I'm an anomaly (in my mind :P) since I actually fell in love with 2PM in Auckland. I've been away for 5 years and I was disconnected with Malaysian kpop world for that period of time. It was Rachel Mcclintock who introduced me to 2PM. It was a slow process of falling in love. I liked them at first but it was more like a casual like (I can take them or leave them kind of like). Then, I was browsing the song playlist on my 10 hour flight back to KL and saw a familiar name by the name of 2PM. So I played 2PM's Again & Again the whole 10 hour flight. That's how I fell in love.

Anyway, with that in mind, my surprise was actually a shock since I had to line up for about 2 and a half hours to get my ticket. Luckily I met Syikin who knew that there was another venue where we can buy the ticket and she and Lywen went to that place to buy our tickets! So, now I was in possession of a RM191 free seating 2PM concert ticket. Apparently, it was quite expensive (it was actually the cheapest ticket I could get my hands on) since a girl told me that Super Junior's concert's cheapest ticket is cheaper than that.

But I just had to go. So RM191 is a huge sacrifice for me who don't have a job, who is still studying and who is practically saving-less. Anyway, it is a free seating ticket which means I had to came in really early to get a really good seat. I was really happy since the concert day fell during my holiday break so I could come as early as the day before and nothing can hold me back :P

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

It's been a few days since my ehem another 22nd birthday :P I'm happy to finally celebrate my birthday with my family this year! I knew my birthday was approaching but since it was nothing special, I kind of forgot about it (not really, but for the sake of a good surprise, let's say I did forgot). There was no suspicious movement detected so I didn't suspect that my siblings went out to buy my present on the day before my birthday.

Anyway, the story went like this:

Once upon  a time, a princess was born....Errr, skip that to 22 years later, on the day before her birthday, her whole family planned to eat out for dinner. The princess declined to come, since she was tired (read this: too lazy to bathe and get ready) but her younger sister pleaded her to come (actually told her that they were planning to eat at a new place they found online, which motivated her to come along). The princess relented and went for the dinner.

They ate dinner at a nice place, which they've eaten before (not a new place, but the princess has forgotten about that small detail). The princess shared her dinner with the Queen, her royal mother since the princess rarely eat late nowadays (they ate dinner at around 9ish). However, the princess, realising that she was in need of nutrition, ate small portions of each of her siblings' dinner :)

Moving on to the end of the dinner, her younger siblings Gegel and B went to the washroom (or so they said). The princess made a corny joke about Gegel and her affinity to public washrooms. Gegel and B came back with a nice cookies and cream cake topped with candles and birthday presents!!! The whole family sang 'Happy 22nd Birthday' merrily for the princess and the princess happily cut the cake!

The princess didn't get to eat her cake since her siblings were insisting on her opening her royal presents. The princess was so happy since she loves presents and she loves cute and girly things even more :)

Since I'm in a happy birthday mood, here are my presents from my family this year :P

The wrapping was super cute!!!! Did you see all the colourful ice-creams on the wrapping paper?
I got a really really cute brown plastic mug with a pink cover and a spoon sticking out that looked like ice-cream with waffle stick :) It's super kawaii!!!

Another known favourite of mine! Fire engine red girly stuff! I got a red purse :P It was wrapped in this lovely purple box with silver bows. Simple, classy and beautiful, all up to my discerning taste (err rightttt).

And lastly, an incongruent item, a pink eye shadow. It's a weird item considering it didn't fit the other items and it wasn't wrapped. It was put in an Elianto green plastic bag (so I know where it came from, not that I didn't know just by looking at this). Immediately I knew why they gave me this, which will remain a secret between my family and I :P

I had a lovely birthday this year. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Dora, Yaya, Fazan, Joyce, Janus, Aravind (man you called me right at 12am! Hahahaha thanks for that dearie!), Evie, Nicole, my Survivors 9802 friends and many many of my friends. I love you guys <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naughty Little Critter

This little critter is always in motion.

Sequence 1: 
'Isn't it just fun to play wrestling with my cousin!!! I've perfected my headlock technique, all before I reach 7 years of age!'

Sequence 2:
'Is it music that I'm hearing? LET'S PARTEYYYYYYYYYY!'

Sequence 3:
*Poke poke poke*. Let's play poke-the-camera!

Sequence 4:
Amazing! Captivated by crap TV show that our local channel is putting on Eid al-Adha mornings.

Sequence 5:
'What shall I do now?' - 2.3 seconds before he went off to do what he's done best, fooling around.

This is my little cousin on the maternal side (my aunty's little boy). He's infamous for his naughtiness :) I haven't seen him in a while and boy, this boy just never stop. He's constantly moving about, poking, prodding, playing and generally making a mess of everything. He's also a smart-ass...Err...Inappropriate use of language below 12 years of age.....Okay.

Anyway, he's also a sweet and entertaining boy. Just this morning, while we were visiting Nenek Maridah (my maternal granny), he gave us all a flower. Which he picked from Nenek Maridah's garden. Which she loves and cultivates like a second child -_- 

Anyhow, he also happened to whistle upon my second sister, Totis' entrance when we arrived. Which is ironic since he just pronounced my sister as 'ugly' just a few months ago. A precocious boy indeed. My uncle even laughed and said, 'I haven't passed down the secrets of  'mengorat' (flirting)!!! And my 7-year-old has successfully done it!'. 

How I Fell (Or Re-Fell) In Love With Kpop

I've been listening to kpop for a while now. It started when I was in high school, during my dramas heyday (I watched tons and tons and tons of dramas). I started off with Japanese dramas, well it's Western dramas first, but that's a given. I used to watch Power Office Girls (one of my all-time favourites) and other J-dramas (J for Japanese) religiously that I even bought the VCDs. 

Yes, VCDs. Back then DVD and Blu-Ray are not yet invented. And internet has yet to reach to what we have now (where we can stream online or download an illegal copy, oops). Since I love dramas, I buy the original copies (well, actually back then the pirated copies were yet to be made for J-dramas :P). They were hella expansive!

Anyway, from J-drama, I moved on to J-pop (or Japanese music, to be exact). From there I fell in love with Hikki (courtesy of Farah Hana), L'arc~en~ciel (courtesy of Farah Hana) and many others (again, many thanks to Farah Hana!). Then, the first Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) came with the introduction of Korean dramas. K-dramas are different from J-dramas. Their story line makes more sense and back then it was the 'Seasons Dramas' that were 'The Thing'. Autum In My Heart is my favourite (a drama about...Well, in conclusion everyone that matters die in the end. Oppps).

From there, I started to listen to Kpop. I listened to Kangta, Group S (Kangta's project group), Shinwa, SG Wannabe, Fly To The Sky, Loveholic, Clazziquai, J, SeeYa and Loveholic. Then I forgot about them and Kpop. Years later, I listened to Kpop reluctantly as Rachel loves them (miss you so much Rachel McClintock!!!). We discussed Kpop almost every week during our weekly dinner/lunch (usually dinner :P).

From her, I get to know that Kpop has already changed. Shinwa is no more (inactive due to army enlistments and so on). H.O.T has disbanded. Loveholic went the same path as H.O.T. Ditto SeeYa. Fly To The Sky's Hwanhee and Brian fought :( SG Wannabe is not active anymore with one former member committing suicide recently. Clazziquai becomes inactive when Alex becomes active in acting and his solo career. J...She went and produce a Kristian album and just lately came back to her former style.

Anyhow, now we have SNSD, Wonder Girls, SHINee, TVXQ, Kara, Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM. Well, now as in when I started to listen to Kpop again, which is around 2009. 

  • SHINee lost my interest once I saw a bunch of young skinny girly looking teens who wore tight brightly coloured pants. 
  • Wonder Girls was okay since Nobody MV is pretty funny (but I'm never a fan). 
  • SNSD again lost me at the immense number of young skinny girls dancing around (I know there are 9 of them but Gee is such a difficult song to get into for someone who loves R&B like me and add 9 girls who look indistinguishable to me, indifference won the day). 
  • TVXQ is okay (I love Mirotic but it's hard for me to like pretty guys like Yunho and Jeejong).
  • Kara, well their songs never actually captured me (other than Mister).
  • Big Bang....I like them but they somehow look like a gangsta-wannabe in their Haru Haru MV :( That turns me off somehow. But I really really like their earlier music (Lies and Haru Haru).
  • 2PM...Well, since I wrote about them like how I do my prayers, everyone must have know how I love them. Like a maniac. Totally unsuitable for a erhmm 22-year-old. Even though they are all younger than me:
  1. None of them are feminine looking.
  2. Again & Again just cinch the deal. I listened to it the whole 10-hours flight back home from Auckland. Thank you Rachel :)
  3. They do acrobatics. After watching so many videos of girls and guys dancing like SNSD's Gee, my eyes are indifferent to Kpop dances. I know currently they are not doing acrobatics anymore, but hey, I love them when they do, so I love them still now :)
  4. The Jay incident. I love scandals and sob-fest. This just put another extra brownie point for 2PM since they faced such a huge difficulty from late 2009 until 2010.
  5. Their live performances. They looked very energetic :) I love it! (Even though half of them are not even decent singers).
  6. Nichkhun.
  7. Their varieties like Idol Army and in shows like Strong Heart. After watching wishy washy SNSD members interviews (OMG, can't they be more boring in Strong Heart :( ? Especially Yoona. SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY AT ALL!) or Wonder Girls (what's with these girl groups trying to be perfect all the time?) or 2NE1 (just watch Dara and Bom on Strong Heart, you'll get what I mean) and boring answers given by most male idols in interviews, I just gave up on Kpop idols in terms of personality. 2PM craziness just revived my faith in humanity :P

I can go on and on (this is super long already), but in conclusion, I fell in love with Kpop, lost interest and then fell in love with 2PM.


Saturday, November 5, 2011


E-mail is a great thing created this century. With e-mails, we get to send messages, notices and files like pictures and songs. It's not like Facebook or Twitter, since everyone has an e-mail. It's universal. I myself check my e-mail minimum once daily, it's like a habit now. It's convenient and fast and the messages sent will not likely be lost somewhere between you and the recipient. Unless you actually forgot to press Send button >.< Which has happened to me at odd times -_-

Anyway, with this great invention, comes a great burden. Yes, spam mails. Lately, whenever I see (1) sign next to my e-mail inbox, I get all fuzzy and warm. I am waiting for a great news to wow me. Alas, it's the 'Enlargement Penis, It Will Help You To Enjoy' email. Or 'Western Union, You Got Money Sent' bullshit. What do they think I am? 3? Unless I grow a penis overnight, I don't need it (to the former) and no, I stop believing that money grows on trees overnight when I was 9 (the latter).

Furthermore, I'm suspicious to any e-mails of unknown origin. It stems from the words 'virus' and 'malware'. Anyway, they should also check their spelling and grammar. Some of these e-mails (of the same vein) have such atrocious spelling, I end up smiling and whooops, these emails have magically become my entertainment of the day. 'It Will Help You Enjoy'? Something is wrong somewhere there. No, thank you. I'm enjoying my life as it is. I find there is no need for me to take Viagra any time soon or any time in the future (unless in the miracle of science, someone has found some medicinal properties in Viagra like it can cure stupidity).

One thing I would say about my e-mail is, I have 3, anymore than that is redundant. The current one that I'm using regularly is the one I created when I was 13 (or 12, I actually don't remember the specifics). I remember setting it in my high school computer laboratory. That reminds of of another story......Anyway, it holds a great meaning to me, my e-mail address I mean. Again, that's another story. Anyway, my whole point here is I'm getting spam mails. About penis enlargement and free transfer money. Life doesn't get any better than that.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Non-Maternal Instinct

Lately, I've been thinking. Why is it so difficult for me to find babies of rich parents cute, but other random babies so very very very adorable? Babies, in general, are real charmers. They just have to babble incoherently and we'll coo like bird song. They just have to clap and laugh merrily and we'll smile until our face crack. They just have to run around, doing nonsensical things and we'll laugh like it's the funniest thing we've ever seen.

Basically babies and toddlers are cute. But why, why is it so difficult for me to think of my cousin's babies cute?   Is it because I'm indifferent to my cousin in the first place? Maybe because his parents are stick-in-the-mud backstabbers? There's that saying 'The sins of parents...'. Anyhow, I find random babies are very adorable that I feel like squeezing them like a teddy bear.

What my family needs now is a cute baby. A very fat baby who chuckles and play around. A baby who laughs at nothing and plays with his/her foot. WE NEED A BABY! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am A Girl

I am very much a 50s girl who lives in the new millennium. I love gentlemen who open doors, send me home and pay for dinner. I love dresses, skirts and all things frilly. I love playing dress-up and putting on make up on my face. 

I love perfumes, especially fruity, sweet and fresh smelling ones. I love refreshing body soaps and fruity smelling shampoo. I love body mists and lotions. I love to have minimum shoulder length hair, never shorter than that. I love hair pieces. I love shoes, especially 4-inch heels. I love bags, any sort of bags, be it a hand clutch to luggage bags. I love bling blings like bangles, necklace and rings.

I love belts and cute socks. I love home decorating stuff like mirrors and bed sheets. I love fluffy towels. I love cooking. I love to smell nice and look nicer. I love fresh flowers. I love desserts like chocolate eclairs, cheesecake and pastries. Basically, I am a typical girl who loves all things cute, beautiful, nice and sweet-smelling.

Confessions Of A Friend

Have I told you that I love sad song? That include ballad, R&B, jazz and any songs with sad sad sad lyrics. I was browsing through some videos on Youtube and I found this. This is not a new song and it's in my playlist for a while.

However, I fell in love with the MV again. It's a very beautiful MV, Joo did a great job as the main actress :) 2AM are such a great ballad group, they have good songs and they sing beautifully.

Credits: 2AM, JYPE

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

This song is sung by Sweetbox and released in 1997. I love it. I absolutely love it. I remember belting this song on the top of my lungs when I was really young. Back then, I didn't actually think of the meaning of the beautiful lyrics. It's such an inspiring song, it's so relevant to my life. Everything that is bad will come to pass. Everything will be alright.

Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Everything's gonna be alright 
Everything's gonna be alright 

Whoever thought the sun would come crashing down 
My life in flames, my tears concrete the pain 
We feel the end, the darkest, deepest riverbed 
My book of life ain't complete without you here 
Alone I sit and reminisce, sometimes I miss your touch, your kiss, your smile 
And meanwhile you know I never cry 
Cuz deep down inside 
You know our love will never ever die

Everything's gonna be alright 
Everything's gonna be okay
Everything's gonna be alright 
Together we can take this one day at a time 
Can you take my breath away? 
Can you give him life today? 
Is everything gonna be okay? 
I'll be your strength 
I'll be here when you wake up 
Take your time, and I'll be here when you wake up 

I never thought my heart would miss a single beat 
Caress your hands, as I watch you while you sleep 
So sweet, I weep as I search within 
To find a cure, to bring you back again 
And the sun will rise, open up your eyes 
Surprise, just a blink of an eye I try, I try to be positive 
You're a fighter, so fight, wake up and live 

Everything's gonna be alright 
Everything's gonna be okay 
Everything's gonna be alright 
Together we can take this one day at a time 
Can you take my breath away? 
Can you give him life today? 
Is everything gonna be okay? 
I'll be your strength 
I'll be here when you wake up 
Everything's gonna be alright 

I'd give my life to only see you breathe again 
Hand in hand as we walk on the white sands 
To hear your voice, rejoice as you rise and say 
This is the day that I wake, and pray, okay? 
Tears in silence, as time just moves on 
You can't hear it though, but I'm playin' my favorite songs 
I miss you much, I wish you'd come back to me 
You see I'd wait a lifetime, cuz you're my destiny 

Everything's gonna be alright 
Everything's gonna be okay 
Everything's gonna be alright 
Together we can take this one day at a time 
Can you take my breath away? 
Can you give him life today? 
Is everything gonna be okay? 
I'll be your strength 
I'll be here when you wake up

Praise Be To Allah

Alhamdulillah I've finished my first year with no major problems :) I'm happy with my result, while it's not super stellar, it's still at the good end of the class. I'm happy I'm enjoying my classes and learned great things relevant to my future career. I'm happy to meet new friends, who, while they are way younger, they have the joie de vivre that I very much admire in someone so young.

I'm also happy that I'm still keeping in touch with Put, Dora, Nia and Joyce. Lately, Pink, Indah and Kak Tun have started to contact me, so my joy is complete. These are good people who are very special in my life. I'm still missing Evie, but since she's crazy busy, I understand. She already visited me earlier this year anyway :) Why am I whining like a little kid who got 10 candies instead of 100?

I am thankful that my parents, Mama and Baba are healthy. May Allah SWT will always bless them with health and wealth and happiness. I am also doubly thankful to Allah SWT that Nenek Maridah, my beloved granny is relatively healthy and well :) Nenek, you may say that you are not as spry as before, but you will always remain my beloved.

I am grateful that my siblings, Jaja and Totis (she hated that moniker, but I LOVE IT!), graduated with good results. May your Phd and Master studies go as well and may both of you will always be blessed with wealth! I am also happy that Little Boy is growing up well (still bratty and spoiled, but oh well) and just sat for his PMR examinations. May you be blessed with all As (8As) just like the rest of your siblings :) As for B, this year is such a trying year for you, but if you pout less and be nicer to your siblings, you'll probably be happier, no?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Mama is the greatest mother on earth. She is my greatest mother. She knows what her children love, she knows our strengths and weaknesses and she loves us no matter what. She's easily hurt. Mama is also the most hardworking person I know. She's very intelligent and she is proud of us, her children.

Mama is very beautiful. She's one of the greatest cook I've known, in fact, in my book, she's the greatest. She loves flowers and Mama also loves knitting and sewing. There are millions of great words to describe Mama, and one thing that stood out from the rest is, she still loves us even when we make a lot of mistakes. I rarely say these words, and these words are the words I know you should hear all the time:

I Love You So Much MAMA!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jun.K aka Junsu Of 2PM - Alive

I like. I really really like this!!!! I personally think Junsu is supremely talented :) Kim Junsu (aka Daegu Hyung-nim/Broadcast Man/Junsu Panda) composed a lot of great songs. Kan Mi Yeon's Sunshine, Dream High OST Kajima and 2PM's Hot are a few of his great songs. Here's his solo debut single, Alive, which I adore!

Jun.K (of 2PM) - Alive

Credits: Kim Junsu, JYPE

However, it's only sold as soft copy, as in no physical copy to be had. And to add insult to injury, it's only available to SOUTH KOREANS!!! I tried to buy it on MNet, it's not available to foreigners, well at least it was for me. I tried Melon, and I gave up after looking hard at the Hangul.

So, I'm writing an online message to the pertinent people about this issue here:

Dear JYPE and Jun.K,

Why are you guys being like this?
Don't you know this ehem 2* year-old noona is in love with Junsu?
Why are you restricting/limiting my love?
Why can't I just hold my Junsu, err my Junsu's single, Alive?
Why is it only available online?
Why is it only available for South Koreans?

Thank you so much for spending your precious 23 seconds to read my loving words.
Lots of love and kisses and hugs and erhmmm something else,

Poppy The Panda

I am officially in love with DIY stores. They sell the greatest things ever. I found a hand-fan for only RM1.30 (considering my unemployment status, it's the best thing ever for me!) and it is super super super cute! This new Hanif family treasure is called Poppy the panda (yes, I named it). Come, let's meet my new friend!

This photo of Poppy was taken with my purple-pink wall :) Please ignore the alienish-looking hand >.<

Isn't this awesome? The fan got this mini-Poppy attached at the end of the handle!

Poppy against my white door. Poppy is actually translucent.

A bag B got when she made a new pair of spectacles. It's very colourful, it reminds me of Korean hip hop. Now, why is that? I actually don't know -_-

Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love You Like A Love Song

Yes, yes it's from Selena Gomez's song title. I love how the phrase sounds. It's beautiful. Anyway, I keep on hearing this song on the radio lately. Being Justin Bieber's girlfriend does have it's perks :) This song actually reminds me of late 80's, early 90's song. You know, those days when pop was everything. Kind of sounding like a Euro techno pop kind of song. The lyrics, nothing special there. Just the title itself, it's pure poetry to me. And the music, well it takes me to way back then when I never imagined that innocence lost is something to be missed later.



This is the accumulation of all my hopes and dreams since the past miserable 3 years. I want to see them, badly. I want to scream their song lyrics at the top of my lungs. I want to feel the thrill of actually seeing them live, as opposed to obsessing like a madwoman from afar (that translates to the internet). I WANT THEM. Okay, that will never come true -_-

I really really want to have that ROCK PIT seat/place. It's about RM700. Can I sell a portion of my liver for that? Please? Alas, the type of seat I could afford is the blue-coded one. That is, if I have the money by the time they are selling the tickets :( Anyhow. I want a ticket. And I want it badly.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Live With No Regrets

Lately, this has been my mantra. I've repeated these words so many times, they're already etched on my mind. I've done a lot of mistakes, when I looked back, I feel really sorry for them. It's like watching a horror movie and you keep on screaming 'Don't open the door! Don't do it!' over and over again to the poor characters. Then again, hindsight is 20/20. Life is never that easy. 

So I tell myself, I will always live with no regrets. I'll always reflect on my actions and mistakes, and learn from them. After all, if I repeat the same mistake, a mistake which I've known about, I deserve to all the consequences and die because of it. 

I love my parents, Mama and Baba. Lately, living at home, I'm re-acquainting myself to Mama and Baba after almost 10 years of living away most of the time. I find adjustment is slow and difficult. I'm a young adult now, with firm ideas and opinions. I also have a very short fuse, which can worsen a situation when it's added up to my stubbornness. 

I used to think that I'll get along with my parents really well. It's not the case here. I found that I argue with them, a lot. Whenever I feel hurt, I want to hurt them too, which I did, a lot of times. It's very vicious. I will always feel deeply sorry afterwards. I think, in this case, this is one issue that I will always regret on. While I live to not regret my actions, arguments with my parents always make me feel like a total heel afterwards.

This is another lesson for all. Love your parents. Have patience with them. After all, words can never be erased, even with an apology.

Another One

My infamous lists. List of things I have no freaking idea of, but I dish out opinions right and left which makes me look super cluelessly ignorant (aren't those words have the same meaning?):

  1. Communication companies were taxing consumers (which didn't happen due to the massive protests). These companies have cheese-heads as their managers and executives.
  2. Malaysia's dream of becoming a 'cashless' nation. Or something close to that. That will remain a dream until stupid companies start to allow use of credit and debit cards in stores. With no stupid exception like 'You'll be charged 3% for using the freaking credit card' or 'We only accept credit card, not debit card (Hello? Are you from the Stone Age? Need me to explain the difference)' or 'Credit/Debit cards can only be used with minimum purchase of RM 234 (or some other random numbers)'. I actually bought a less than NZ$1 stuff with my credit card (with no charge or dirty looks from the cashier, mind you) in Auckland. Heck, I even paid my bus and train tickets with credit card. I miss those days when I can practically buy anything with my credit card with no surcharge. I actually rarely have any cash on hand when I lived there.
  3. Haze. KL and haze. If you live in KL, conscious, breathing, and possessing normal working mental faculties, then you should actually know what I'm saying.
  4. Malaysian drivers. Link this to item Number 3. This makes absolutely perfect sense.
  5. I'll repeat this again and again (and this has nothing to do with this whole post). I missed Evie, Dora, Fazan, Joyce, Nia, Rachel and Yaya. So much, that it hurts to think about them.

Long Long Time

It's been a while now. My life is going on fast forward, I have got no time for anything else T_T I haven't talked or went out with my friends. I barely see my parents (other than in the morning before class or evening if I'm not closed up in my room). I have so much to say, but so little time to say it. However, here I am, stealing some time to say what I have in mind nowadays. Things I need to get off my chest:

  • I have this ambivalent feeling towards OSCE. One of my 'patients' was this young guy who's totally cute, so I was like 'Oh my, this guy is sooooooooo cute'. That took 1 minute of the required 5 minutes  >.< This reminds me of one of the doctors who taught me clinical skills in UoA who was the twin of David Beckham (with a New Zealand accent). He's like a dream that'll never fade. Another 'patient' was one of my lecturer, actually there were 2 of them in different stations, but history-taking was never a breeze, add that to a poker-faced lecturer who barked 'What do you mean doctor? Aren't you supposed to do the asking since that's why I came to see you in the first place?'. I literally die. Die, I tell you. And I lost it when I went blank after I saw the words 'Leukonychia', 'Finger Clubbing' and 'Cyanosis'. Scratch the last part, 'Peripheral Cyanosis'. It's one of those days.
  • I know I promised so many things that I've never actually kept. I don't know what to say to that.
  • I cried when I heard the song by The Band Perry - If I Die Young. I bawled my eyes out actually. I repeat, I have a long understanding with sad melancholic type of songs. We agree to 'adhere' to each other. 
  • I will never be a mediator. I'll be the first one hitting anyone who got on my nerves.
  • I'm frustrated that I'm falling back into teenage-hood in terms of wanting to win stupid radio contests.
  • I had a very bad news earlier this week that I couldn't take properly that I literally shut down for a few hours.
  • It's official I'm a bad friend. I feel so sorry to Pink. I really really want to see her but 1. I actually really have no money (so I couldn't actually go out). 2. I have no car of my own, add that to no money, how would I even gas up if I borrow my Baba's car? 3. I'm so ashamed by my behaviour, I don't know how to face Pink >.< 4. Now that I'm going full tilt, my life consists of only 2 parts, daytime for classes, nighttime for assignments. I miss Pink. I feel sorry for her. I am really sorry. I cannot even begin to express how sorry I am.
  • This is getting longer, it's turning into a nightmare of a post. Bye.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can't believe 2PM is pulling another Tired Of Waiting!!!! Wait, it's more epic than Tired Of Waiting ^^

I love Back2U but I haven't been listening to the song since eons ago, now I'm re-addicted ^^ I can't find other good quality fancams that is long enough to appease my craving. Yes, I'm a perverted ahjumma who was desperate enough to search for videos high and low. For now, I'm satisfied with this (yes, I pulled another Junsu video, he's in luck this time hahahaha).

No. I seriously crave for a fuller version T_T I want to see my Chanana, Emperor Nuneo, Khunnie, Taec, Wooyoungie more clearly! I want! I want! I want! *Rolling around on the floor, throwing an epic-proportion tantrum*

I can't believe my Chanana is the maknae! He's like superhot, supersexy!

P/S: This is like a little x-rated, 2PM dearie!!! Why oh why do you guys have to be so sexy! Wait, I found a few short clips of Chanana and Emperor Nuneo. Omo omo omo, these boys are just killing me O_O

Chanana - Breaking My Heart

Emperor Nuneo - My Silent (And Not So Silent) Tears

Khunnie - This-Is-Not-As-Bad-As-The-Others'-Bedroom-Scenes

JunK - Alive

What can I say? Junsu definitely steal the show for me!!! His song is awesome!!!!! I love it! Junsu of 2PM keeps his fans on their toes, waiting for his next composition, and after Kajima, I'm his lifelong fan and I've never looked back. Seriously, this boy got real talent in composing and writing. I love this song, it suits him and I hope JYPE will produce Junsu's solo album in the future. Him and Junho, they both deserve it and since their passion lies in composing and singing, why not? I hope they will be allowed free reign of their music, just like Big Bang (wait, JYPE did allow them to write and produce their own songs ^^ They just need to promote them). Anyway, this is the best fancam I could find, enjoy!

P/S: My Daegu Boss! He's awesomeeee!! Wait, now I think about it, I can't believe he and the rest of 2PM did that Back2U performance in front of their parents -_-;; That's like a thousand kinds of wrongs in my book....

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This, this makes me cry, every time. After all the scandals and hates...

Hottest - Thank You (To Our Beloved 2PM)

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Little Baby-Shiba!

My favourite collection of Baby-Shiba! They are too kawaii that they become awesomely epic!

Credits: Mame-Shiba & Individual Uploaders ^^

Special Report

I'm especially fascinated by reporters and what they reported. Some reporters report 'serious' issues like war, economic downturn and worker's plight. Some 'light reporters' report news like what Britney Spears wear 3 and 1/2 days ago. Some 'mid-weight' reporters report daily interest like what types of bread being sold in major retailers in Malaysia. All these reports contribute to our daily news, be it in the form of print news like newspapers and magazines or virtual news like Yahoo news or any online newspaper.

Anyway, I want to be a 'light-mid weight' reporter. That's my interest for now. My special report will be themed on this issue/problem/anything-whatever:

  1. What can one buy with RM 1 in a convenience store (eg 7/11 or petrol station stores)?
  2. I-don't-know-yet-but-I'll-find-something issue.

Please look forward for my serious (maybe not-so-serious, wait, definitely not serious) report. Thank you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Kawaii For Words!

I'm watching Aoi No Exorcist, an anime which has an ending song by 2PM called Take Off ^^ In a way, it's a good promotion to use 2PM to promote the new anime for people who love 2PM and don't usually watch anime. Anyway, the anime has a great start (unlike Bleach which was blergh initially but gets more and more adventurous later on) and I'm liking it so far. Oh, and for the fact that ANE has one of the best adverts ever. Here goes:

Credit: Mame-Shiba

It's so cute that I watched it when I usually skip any adverts. I guess that's why the anime uploaders didn't even cut off the advert ^^ The baby advert is very entertaining and addicting!~

Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm on 2PM roll here. I just have this sudden need to watch all their old MVs. However, today is a special day ^^. I kept singing this phrase and humming out this tune, so naturally I thought of Big Bang. It's more likely it is their song since it has the Big Bang feel when I hummed it. Then, I remember. It's not Big Bang, it's Junsu (or JunK)!!! It's his composition that he wrote years ago and it got a new breath for its debut in 2PM's latest album Hands Up. I love this song!!! It's an up-tempo song and it is featured in the soon-to-be-released Korean movie 'Blind'.

I think it's very 2PMish. 2PM has so many techo-pop songs and they fit them so perfectly. And they suit them since they are a dance group. Anyway, I'm sharing my bit of heaven today!

Credit: 2PM, JYPE

P/S: What's super-deabak about 2PM videos is that JYPE put an effort in putting English subtitles for us, Korean illiterates ^^

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This song has such a bittersweet memory for me. I listened to it on replay on my 10-hour flight back to KL a few years ago. I still listen to it from time to time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love The Tie Dance!

Well, it's quite obvious that I'm obsessed with 2PM. So, it's fully justified that I love their 'tie dance' which is a part of choreography for their second Japanese release 'I'm Your Man'. I love Junsu in this one. He looked so charismatic. And I'm happy that he get to sing more in this one. My Chanana also looked super-hot!!!! Did you notice that Taec's profile is so smoking (when he was sitting next to that darned girl!)??? Anyway, here goes:

2PM - I'm Your Man

Credit: 2PM, JYPE, Ariola Japan, KimBoPeepOppaSS

P/S: I am the Queen of Pop and the Queen of Boy-band ^^

Salam Ramadhan 2011

Dear Friends,

Ramadhan Kareem!!!!

P/S: Been meaning to do this days ago -_-'' Keep slipping from my cheese-like brain.

Pufffft, We Have To Much What?

Lately, talks about we are having too many holidays in Malaysia are re-surfing. Well, these talks have been there forever, but since I just came back after years of living away, I think the issue of ‘having too much holidays’ is just too funny. My first reaction upon re-hearing this is snicker. Yes, I snickered, that annoying little laugh came out of your mouth when you least expect it, finally. I can tackle this subject on many levels, from each invested party, from school-age children, to working people, and since I am an undergraduate student, I'll go from there.

First of all, there is a saying that having too many breaks lessen productivity. And in university undergraduate study-wise, that means, less learning. That deserves another snicker. Since when does more time correlate directly to increasing productivity? I’ll bet my whole month allowance (since I’m a perpetual student and I have yet the right to say ‘my monthly paycheck’) that it’s either there are many contrasting study results (if there are even studies on this) or there is no study at all that can prove this. You see, productivity depends on many things, and yes, time has a role in it. And time’s role is called ‘optimum’. That translates to the best amount of time to produce the best result. That’s it. Not too short, duration-wise, or you could never finish your job or not too long or you’ll just get plain bored out of your mind and start to amuse yourself in the silliest ways that actually decrease production. An example is wasting time. Another is government workers who have too much time in their hands that they become too lazy and inefficient. And in undergraduate language, that means ‘ponteng’ (cutting) class or not paying attention since you are in school (yes, it's school, I don't care if people say it's university since it's the way I say it. Deal with it) day in and day out, minimum 8 hours daily.

Case point 1, in most Western countries with 4 seasons, students will be given a summer break that ranges from one month to 3 months and a half. Yes, almost 4 months. That is a continuous break, which means 3 months and a half of heaven of doing nothing productive, if one wants to do so. I've experienced this for 5 years and believe me, study-wise, I don’t see the difference in studying 11 months a year than 8 months per year. Yes, again, 8 months. I’m not kidding you. Let me recap my old yearly schedule. Mid-November to early March, summer holiday. Mid-June to mid-July, about 3 to 4 weeks of semester break. Add that to another week break for inter-semester holiday, which means another 2 weeks break. A few random holidays like Queen’s Birthday, Anzac Day and so on, which if I’m not mistaken count to another week. That’s about 4 to 5 months worth of break. And about 7 to 8 months of unadulterated classes.

Does that means that the students in these universities are lacking in education and information since they have so much holiday and less classes? I don't think so since a lot of family here are so eager to send our children overseas to study and a lot of companies find overseas graduate to be efficient in their work. So, what's the issue here? I think most don't realise that we have sufficient holidays. University schedule-wise (I've been dropping 'wise' left and right today hohoho), we have a good one, from what I've experienced so far. In average, I'll be having about 2 months of holiday annually. Which is less than what I was used to but it's fine, nonetheless. That duration is sufficient to relax and recharge. So, stop the grumbling and do your work. I bet if you manage your time and resources wisely, things can go well despite all the holidays we have.

P/S: I know working population has a totally different set of holidays so I'm not mentioning that because, well, I know more about undergraduate level than any others. Obviously.

Monday, July 25, 2011

These Differences That Irk Me

As much as I don't want to constantly do comparisons between life in Auckland and life here, I think it's necessary to see the difference clearly so that we can improve as a nation. As a first rule, I do realize the many differences between Auckland and KL, economic-wise, culture-wise, academic-wise, technology-wise and many more. While KL may have a population equal to the population of whole of New Zealand (and that is nothing to boast of), in terms of mind-set, we are still way behind. Fact 01, I see a lot of people littering in public and the most shameful part is that parents even tell their children to litter. Is that what early education is for, dear Malaysians?

And don't give me there-is-not-enough-rubbish-bins crap. Even in Auckland, it's not that you can see rubbish bin at every 5 cm you walk. If there is no rubbish bin, can we not just gather our own rubbish and bring it home to dispose of. We create the rubbish, we clean them up. That's a rule-of-thumb that even small children know. Please don't teach children to throw their rubbish anywhere. That confuses them since they are taught differently in school. I think for us to be able to proudly become a developed nation, we have to alter our attitude first.

Secondly, amenities for the disabled. We lack so much in this sense. In most Malaysians mind-set (okay I'm generalizing, but you can ask yourself and ask the people around you whether what I say is spot-on or not), to have a disabled person in the family is pure heartbreak and tragedy. Full-stop. We are in for a hell of a sad sad life if we have even one disabled family member. While it's true that the first reaction we feel is sadness for this special person, we also need to think ahead, to plan. This is what most developed nation realized. That a disabled person can contribute, not just drain national resources.

That's what we should do. To teach the family to teach this disabled person of how to survive and take care of him/herself in this harsh world. By coddling and protecting them, we are doing them a major disservice. What if, in the future, this disabled family member is left alone (as the rest of family members either die or abandon him/her)? How would he/she survive? Who would take care of him/her? So, we need to educate Malaysians and provide proper facilities, help and support on how to rear a disabled child based on different types of disability, be it mental or physical or both. In general, a lot of disabled person can be trained on basic care like eating, showering, cleaning up and basic education. So, by helping them learn, we help them to grow. We help them to become independent.

When I studied in Auckland University, I noticed that there are tracks and braille on the floor and facilities like lifts for the blind. There is also a special department/unit for the disabled called Disabled Department. All of the doors and pathway to classes and rooms are designed to fit and help the disabled to move around easier. There are also special seats in rooms and lecture theatres for them. Even public facilities such as the bus have things like special seats and ramps and the drivers are trained well to assist them by lowering the ramp and waiting for these people to settle themselves before driving.

I can easily say that in Malaysia, we don't have all these. No facilities. No help. No education. If you are a disabled in Malaysia, you are doomed for life. You can only have a chance if your parents are aware of special schools in the city (only in the city, mind you) and you are doomed to not have tertiary education and marginal chance in having a high-pay and meaningful job (since you have little chance of higher education). Even these special schools don't have great infrastructure, facilities and trained educators. I've volunteered in a special school for 2 years before (don't tell me I don't know, I do). What they are doing is great but they do need help and a better planning. Lumping all special students with different needs together in a class won't help these people at all. While I understand the financial constraint, isn't this what our dear ministers are voted and paid for to do? To plan? To think outside the box? To provide? To help in a more realistic manner? This is where our government should pour their energy in, not in building another higher building or newer and fancier palaces for our Sultans that we don't actually need.

We need better basic facilities such as accessible classes. Small doors, standard desk and seats, no ramps, stairs and no toilet for special needs don't help in encouraging parents to send their children to these schools. We need special desks and seats, bigger doors, accessible pathway like ramps and lifts and special toilets (lowered seats, bigger space and lowered sinks) for the disabled. We also need trained educators for special needs. Government, it's time for you to encourage universities to open a quality education department and a specialized programmed like Education for the Disabled as a post-graduate option for educators. I know Auckland University has this department and program.

We also need a national education plan for the disabled. Anyway, I can list on and on on thing related to disabled needs. I know you get it. We need a plan and a good systematic deliverance of this plan. Education is the key. So, dear ministers. Please listen once in a while when the general public is speaking. Don't just sit on your fat ass, acting all powerful, sending all your children to international schools and overseas universities and having legions of wives and mistresses. Do your work once in a while. Do see that we still have poverty (while it's almost impossible to eradicate, at least you can use your brain to think up ways to help, don't you?), low education quality, lack of basic facilities and poor city development planning and execution (and many more I can think of and list)?

Again I can go on and on. However, let's just stop here while it's still interesting. Something to think about before you sleep (or at least for 5 minutes after you finish reading this), aye?

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