Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poppy The Panda

I am officially in love with DIY stores. They sell the greatest things ever. I found a hand-fan for only RM1.30 (considering my unemployment status, it's the best thing ever for me!) and it is super super super cute! This new Hanif family treasure is called Poppy the panda (yes, I named it). Come, let's meet my new friend!

This photo of Poppy was taken with my purple-pink wall :) Please ignore the alienish-looking hand >.<

Isn't this awesome? The fan got this mini-Poppy attached at the end of the handle!

Poppy against my white door. Poppy is actually translucent.

A bag B got when she made a new pair of spectacles. It's very colourful, it reminds me of Korean hip hop. Now, why is that? I actually don't know -_-


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