Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Break

I'm officially on break since forever. And what do I do? Waste time. Didn't even help my Mama with house chores TT___TT SO LAZY! I'M A TERMINAL COUCH POTATO!!!

Anyway, I'm really addicted to these songs this past few days:

I have my love-hate moments with Wonder Girls. I love lots of their songs off their albums, but not most of their title tracks. Girlfriend is such a good song. And this Wonder Love really reminds me of Christmas. While I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the feelings the song conveys. Simple love. I love it. Btw, WG followed me on twitter, that really made my day (such a kpoper, that I am LOL!).

2PM, as most probably know by now, is my only love from kpop ^^ Been listening to them since 2009 and these days, most of the members are venturing into composing their own songs. By now, 4 already released their self-composed songs, via digital release, concerts, albums, singles, OSTs and songs for other artists. 

Lee Junho (I call him my Ho Bitch or Nuneo ;p) and Kim Minjun (aka Jun.K or formerly known as Kim Junsu) have released lots of songs (I think I'll make a post of 2PM's self-composition later) while Nichkhun Horvejkul and Ok Taecyeon are just releasing their songs. Well, Khun is the newbie here, since Taec already shared 3 of his songs in their concerts. 

I have to say, I really love Khun's song 'Let It Rain'. The lyrics are simple yet so meaningful. And in FREAKING ENGLISH! So, it's one of the rare times I can actually understand the song without having to wait for translation. 

Taec's song, the one I am sharing up there, is just awesome. The beat. The lyrics. I especially love the part when he sang, 'Your class, down below. 2PM, up in the sky'. Way to go Taec! Tell them what it's like ^^

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Birthday Dinner With Ms. Princess

It was my birthday, my 22nd birthday, a few days ago and my BFF Ms. Princess (BFF is the new word of the day, it's disgusting, but it's easier to type ;p) brought me to the place of my choosing, so naturally, I'd choose Levain, a new place I just discovered thanks to dear Rini. It's a really nice place tucked in a middle of hustle and bustle of KL city.

Anyway, we shared some desserts and I had a really superb Japanese chicken curry rice. As usual, I asked for extra hot and man, do they redefined the word spicy there. So many little bits of birds-eyed chillis to get my eyes crossed. Ms. Princess got the special menu dish called....Wait, don't exactly remember but it was a dish of aglio-olio pasta, wedges and lamb chop. The lamb chop looked pretty chewy to me, but alas, I didn't taste it since I'm allergic to food other than vegetables, seafood, chicken and occasional beef.

The ambiance of the place is pretty cosy and can be romantic at the corners with the lights down low and comfy sofas. We sat smacked in the middle of the place (the air-conditioned area since I am also allergic to fresh air), so hash that romantic setting. It was fun, we had a nice talk and the food is plentiful and not as pricey as one would expect from such a nice place as this. The staff is also cheerful and nice. Not to mention, the other facilities like tissues, fork & spoon, condiments and cold drinking water are never in short supply here.

My only rant would go to the parking fee. We didn't even parked at the allotted parking space of Levain's (parked somewhere else) and the stupid idiot parking attendants charged us RM5. What the hell? Unless it's Levain's or you parked our car, why should we pay you idiots?

Strawberry.....Well my memory fails me. It's a strawberry dessert made of light sponge cake, whipped cream and strawberry coulis.

Japanese chicken curry rice. Yum yum!

Beryl's chocolate truffle cake. It's a slice of heaven.

What's New, Or, Not So-New....

It's been literally months since I've written here. My life has taken to a new direction since late 2010, and I'm thanking Oh Lord Allah SWT for giving me so many chances in life to start anew. Anyway, these days, my life has taken a new pattern. School, family time, friends time and internet time, all separated into neat little boxes of it's own.

80-90% of my time is spent on school. Now, there may be lots of interesting things happening in school, but I'll just keep that in my box of memories for now ^^ Every once in a while, when my pockets are a bit fuller, I'll go out with friends, usually the usual suspect, my bestie Ms. Princess. Sometimes with Shima and a few with others like Marilyn and Aravind.

My life is boring to some, but I really love it these days. Other than my real life, I am a full fledged fan of 2PM, a Korean boyband. Well, unless someone miss the notice somewhere, this is not exactly new. That said, I am sharing a random photo above since I love it. The purse is new by the way. I shared it with little sister B.

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