Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Break

I'm officially on break since forever. And what do I do? Waste time. Didn't even help my Mama with house chores TT___TT SO LAZY! I'M A TERMINAL COUCH POTATO!!!

Anyway, I'm really addicted to these songs this past few days:

I have my love-hate moments with Wonder Girls. I love lots of their songs off their albums, but not most of their title tracks. Girlfriend is such a good song. And this Wonder Love really reminds me of Christmas. While I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the feelings the song conveys. Simple love. I love it. Btw, WG followed me on twitter, that really made my day (such a kpoper, that I am LOL!).

2PM, as most probably know by now, is my only love from kpop ^^ Been listening to them since 2009 and these days, most of the members are venturing into composing their own songs. By now, 4 already released their self-composed songs, via digital release, concerts, albums, singles, OSTs and songs for other artists. 

Lee Junho (I call him my Ho Bitch or Nuneo ;p) and Kim Minjun (aka Jun.K or formerly known as Kim Junsu) have released lots of songs (I think I'll make a post of 2PM's self-composition later) while Nichkhun Horvejkul and Ok Taecyeon are just releasing their songs. Well, Khun is the newbie here, since Taec already shared 3 of his songs in their concerts. 

I have to say, I really love Khun's song 'Let It Rain'. The lyrics are simple yet so meaningful. And in FREAKING ENGLISH! So, it's one of the rare times I can actually understand the song without having to wait for translation. 

Taec's song, the one I am sharing up there, is just awesome. The beat. The lyrics. I especially love the part when he sang, 'Your class, down below. 2PM, up in the sky'. Way to go Taec! Tell them what it's like ^^


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