Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weddings And Marriages

Lately, being at the right age at the right time at the right economic status (I am excluded from this group from all angles other than age), my fellow friends from high school, college and uni (previous one) are lining up their invitations to their weddings. I want to go on and on and on on this topic. However, I'll summarize the topic of weddings and marriages into 3 short sentences:

  1. I'm happy for my friends and family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. 'Right time and economic status', is a line I wrote in my head that is not even close to reality.
  3. I'm pathetic.


Yay, double yay, triple yay, super yay, mother-of-all-yays!!!!! We finally have a home broadband installed!!! It's superfast and it's unlimited (at least until the end of this coming August T_T). I'm happy, so now I have to summon all my willpower and discipline to limit my internet use and not to abuse this gift from Baba :) I will use it wisely Ba (or at least without super-abusing it).

Anyway, one thing to note about the application and installation process is how anal retentive I am. Yes, anal. I asked millions of questions, repeating the questions over and over again in various different ways (re-phrase, anyone?) before I let Baba commit to Maxis (yes, we are one of the few early birds who subscribe to Maxis instead of TM's Unifi, that's another story for another post). Then, I kept on calling Mama to ask about the progress of the installation (I wasn't there physically, but hey, I'm there sprititually!). I even talked to the person who came to install our fibre-optic line like more than once.

Anyhow, I learned from experience that I cannot let go of things and I have to handle everything. Delegation is a foreign word to me (hey, I did learn about it, I just don't practice it often). At least when it comes to things I really enjoy and love. Homework and assignments, not so much. Second thing to note is this:

No matter how many pictures I took, it never fails to amaze me. There's only one word to describe this: MESS. Yes, I came to conclusion that it's a jumble of mess of gadgets of only nerds-know-what. Why, dear Maxis, why do you have to use more than one modem or whatsthemathingie for our home broadband? Why do you have to have so many electrical wires (while I do understand the need, can't you be more, uhm tidier than this?)? Please please please the great engineers of this whole wide world and Maxis (specifically Maxis), please adopt a tidier way of installing home broadbands. Please? And why do you even use a TM's gobsmackiethingie? I know you rent your line from TM (or something akin to that), but hey, at least try to paste some other signs on that huge-smack-me-in-the-face TM insignia.

Thank you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Like A Melancholic Movie

I love this song. I've been playing this song over and over again these last few days. I don't care how 'pop' this song is, I love it :)


When I was small, I loved to watch Doraemon. I bought the whole Doraemon's manga series. I even have multiple copies of the same book. They are all gone now, gone with the wind (seriously, I just misplaced them as what a careless child that I am would do). Anyway, the main point here is, I had always believed, secretly, that Doraemon exists. Back then. Adult that I am now, I do realise that Doraemon never exists. Unless....

Anyway, Doraemon has always been my secret hero until I was about 8 or 9. I believed that one day, if I fervently wished for it, I would be granted with my own Doraemon. Of course, when I do have my own Doraemon, I would name him 'Doraemon'. What else should I call him? My Doraemon would grant me all of my wishes. The main thing that I really really want from Doraemon (still do, if only Doraemon or something like that actually exists) is the magic door. Do you remember the magic door? The door that can lead you to anywhere you wish for? Yes, that door.

I'd love to be able to arrive to class on time without the hassle of travelling and all the walking to my exact destination. Travelling all over the world would not be near impossible due to the money and time constraints (money, mostly). I can be at Egypt this friday evening and still be able to be back on saturday for my favourite drama on tv. I can be in Tokyo and find more Doraemons for my whole family.

Anyway, if wishes were pennies, I'd be super-stinking rich by now :) Doraemon never exist but the thing is, I've never forgotten him. He's super-duper cool and he's one of the last links to my childhood that I hope to never lose. He reminds me of innocence, dreams and wishes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Short (More Like Long) News

Short post for news:

  1. 2PM has just released their new album 'Hands Up'. Why is it worth a mention at numero uno. Just simply because I can. I love 2PM and I like their new album. I've bought 3 of their songs (legally. Is there any other way? Wait, don't answer that) and I'm waiting for God of Money to bestow me some richness so I can waste my life and become indolent. No, I'm thinking of ways to sell a section of my liver to pay my day-to-day expenses, school fees and yes, to buy the physical copy of 2PM new album. So, give 2PM's Hands Up a try. I love it, so it's compulsory for you to love it too. Because I say so.
  2. Dora came back for her short break a few weeks ago. YAY! I managed to meet her twice. I was really happy to see her. We went for karaoke and drinks (yes, the alcoholic variety, you how I love my whiskey sour, hohoho). I missed the chance to see her one last time before she went back as we lost our way to Seoul Garden IOI Puchong. So, I feel bad. However, I'm still happy that I got to see her, even if our gossip time was so limited. Now I can't wait until Yaya comes back for her elective :)
  3. 3rd block is pure torture. I love what I'm studying, but God help me, it's too much for too little time. I know I have to be diligent and study hard, but seriously, it's just too many things to read and memorize. It's like a never ending number of sand by the sea.
  4. I finally, finally , finally, finally, have my driving license. Driving skills are still sketchy at best, but hey, I'm trying! It's like discovering that I have wings to fly. Well, at least a way to travel other than public transportation and walking :)
  5. Jaja succeeded in gaining her MSc in Mathematics! Chuka-hamnida Jaja!!!! Life is going great for you. Many blessings in the future for you, that's my prayer! And I hope your PhD is going to start as soon as humanly possible :)
  6. Baba finally subscribes to fibre optic internet (= superfast broaband, in layman's term :P) for our home. From this upcoming Thursday until October, we have access to unlimited data. That means, internet abuse. That equals to time-awasting. Hohoho.
  7. Baba also finally upgraded his mobile phone to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Why not iPhone4 or BB you said? Because I chose so. Because I like it. Because there are just too many human beings that use those 2 types of mobile phones, and frankly, I've never been the trendy type. So, baba has to get used to a touch screen mobile phone I've chosen for him.
  8. There was a water cut scare a few days ago. It was a scare, in other words, our home is not affected. Why I'm sharing this? It's because I don't want to stop at 7.
  9. THE END. How much longer do you expect me to write?

P/S: Dora's male cousin is just so cute. He's nice too, he sent me home, right to my front door :)

What I've Been Up To These Hot Humid Days

It's been a while. Wait. I think this has become a habit for me. To start off mysteriously with 'It's been a while'. As if I'm about to continue with a great epic news. Anyway, it's true, it's been quite a while for me. I'm not dead, I'm not sick, I'm not depressed (in case if you are wondering, 'depressed' seems to deserve it's own mention, even if it is coming under the heading 'sick') and I'm not giving up on blogging for no one to read. Real life is just too busy. I wake up at 5.45am (or 6-6.30am, depending. On my lazy-O-meter, I mean) and I get ready to leave for school. I will arrive at approximately 7.50am, just in time before class starts, so no internet for the wicked. Class will go on and on until 4.30pm (or 5pm. Again, depending. No, not on me this time, life starts and ends at school, apparently. According to Prof. Viji). Arriving at home approximately at 5pm (to 6.30pm max).

By the time I reach my home's front door, I'm too tired to do anything else other than eating dinner and watch tv, like a couch potato that I am. Then, it's further-lazy time until I sleep. The cycle continues. Wait, why the heck is this crazy lady poring on and on about her day? It's because I'm reaching to my conclusion here. Wait for it, wait for it. Which is: I have no time, even if I do have the will, to write something even reasonably logical. Lately, I've found religion. No. Not really. I found life I've lived before is becoming irrelevant to life I'm living now.

The reason is simple. I cannot live like I did before. Maybe, just maybe (more like most probably), that's the main reason of my downfall. I've taken the easy path and look where it has gotten me. Now, my life consists of self-reflection (when I feel like it), study, some form of entertainment I allow myself (before I really actually go haywire), and yes, a few stolen moments with my best friend, Put. Urgh, the latter just sounded so wrong somehow. Let's just not expound on that.

Anyway, I am brimming with ideas, and I think today is the lucky day (lucky for whom, that's the question of the day ;) ) when I'm feeling generous enough to share. And due to the fact that I finally have access to internet (stolen from Baba, what else). So, brace yourself dear readers (failed mimicry of some sort of 18th and 19th centuries writer's address to his/her readers) for some explosive readings! You know it's going to be explosive, so pardon my language. I have already turned into a potty-mouth, and I'm incurable.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In a crazy stalker-fan mode today ;P So, let's hear it! Drum roll, please..........

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Musings Of The Slow Moving River

Lately I have so many inspirations to write, more than I know what to do with. It's just the lack of time and internet access making things harder for me to share my thoughts. Anyway, one good news coming out of this few weeks is that I managed to not bungle up my driving test (again) and won (it feels like I'm winning some sort of prize ;P) my driving licence. Sigh. Finally. The bad side of things is that I'm such an incompetent driver I managed to scare off my Baba and Gegel. Anyhow, I'm practicing and that's what matters, right? Right?......Right?

Life is moving on an even pace lately. Things are slow and the highlight of my day these days is watching my new and latest favourite korean drama 'Lie To Me'. I won't delve into details, all I'm saying is I'm stark raving mad about this drama!!!! Like chincha, really!!! On another matter, Jaja finally got engaged yesterday. She looked very beautiful and the event went over smoothly. We were very much blessed by God and I am truly thankful that Jaja's is happy. May Allah SWT bless you with a happy and fruitful life ahead :)

I want to share pictures but I'm still waiting for them from Uncle Iman (he's our front door neighbour,the photographer of the day). Wait, I feel really weird calling him Uncle Iman. Even though he is married with 2 cute little toddlers, he's like 30-34 years old. Ooops, I almost gave away my age. Anyway, that's the best title I can come out with without sounding weird or cheesy. Seriously, Uncle Iman and Aunty (I seriously never called her that due to all the awkwardness) Mas' children are so cute and amusing :) Especially Irfan. Watching him makes me want to have a toddler on my own. Irfan, I mean. But then again, I'm not sure I can handle kids right now, with everything almost spilling out of my plate. Life as I know it would end, wouldn't it?

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