Sunday, June 5, 2011

Musings Of The Slow Moving River

Lately I have so many inspirations to write, more than I know what to do with. It's just the lack of time and internet access making things harder for me to share my thoughts. Anyway, one good news coming out of this few weeks is that I managed to not bungle up my driving test (again) and won (it feels like I'm winning some sort of prize ;P) my driving licence. Sigh. Finally. The bad side of things is that I'm such an incompetent driver I managed to scare off my Baba and Gegel. Anyhow, I'm practicing and that's what matters, right? Right?......Right?

Life is moving on an even pace lately. Things are slow and the highlight of my day these days is watching my new and latest favourite korean drama 'Lie To Me'. I won't delve into details, all I'm saying is I'm stark raving mad about this drama!!!! Like chincha, really!!! On another matter, Jaja finally got engaged yesterday. She looked very beautiful and the event went over smoothly. We were very much blessed by God and I am truly thankful that Jaja's is happy. May Allah SWT bless you with a happy and fruitful life ahead :)

I want to share pictures but I'm still waiting for them from Uncle Iman (he's our front door neighbour,the photographer of the day). Wait, I feel really weird calling him Uncle Iman. Even though he is married with 2 cute little toddlers, he's like 30-34 years old. Ooops, I almost gave away my age. Anyway, that's the best title I can come out with without sounding weird or cheesy. Seriously, Uncle Iman and Aunty (I seriously never called her that due to all the awkwardness) Mas' children are so cute and amusing :) Especially Irfan. Watching him makes me want to have a toddler on my own. Irfan, I mean. But then again, I'm not sure I can handle kids right now, with everything almost spilling out of my plate. Life as I know it would end, wouldn't it?


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