Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i'm a teenager

my baby sister is in her teenage-hood...that means crying over random things...she justified that by saying 'i'm in a sensitive stage (in my life)'....some examples:

  • she cried when she accidentally bought a tester facial moisturizer...yes, a very justifiable reason to cry....
  • she cried a river on her kak jaja's pillow when some idiot clownish of a guy snickered behind his hand, calling her 'pondan' (that's transvestite for you) when he saw her wobbling in her brand new 4 inch black heels at the store...i was there...yes, even the most stoic man cries when someone calls him 'pondan'...
  • she cried hard when she was convinced that she is fat...i blamed her bitch of friends...her friends are reed thin...they look like sticks walking...no shape to speak of...no boobs and hips and butt...as compared to her, she indeed looked fat...she is actually very very normal as her weight falls in the almost underweight category for her height...i am very fat...i don't cry over it...she did actually cry over her 'fatness'....well, her friends are bitches and she is at the sensitive stage....
p/s: b, u r the cutest thing since nickhun....very very cute!!!don't cry, ya...


my little boy had once said 'baba is underwear' when we (or mama) asked him where baba currently was at that time...it's supposed to be 'baba is on the way'...we live and learn...well, he lives and learns...

bic pens

for some reasons (unknown, of course), i used to be absolutely convinced that the pronunciation of 'bic', the stationary brand as 'beech'...that leads me to almost never pronouncing it, at least in public...coz, u know, it sounds like 'bitch'...once in a while, i make the stupidest mistake and say it out, loud and proud, in public...in auckland, no less....last year, our orientation pack (auckland uni's student association is ever so nice...they give out orientation packs every freaking year) contained some nice stuff...i remember some food (instant noodles?), stationary pack and some other cool freebies (unlike this year!)...

the thing i like the most from the freebies is the stationary pack...who doesn't love that???...it's free!...and everyone, i repeat, every worthy student uses pens and pencils....well, except those who never study, never make notes, never attend classes and never sit for exams...in that case, they are not students...anyway, i digress..i love stationary packs, especially free ones...i collected 2 of them, if i'm not mistaken...

to make a long story short (it's not even a long story, i just love that statement), my friend asked what was contained in the stationary pack...me, the idiot who knows it's embarrassing to say 'bitch', oppps, 'beech' in regards to a stationary brand, said it proudly, 'u know, we got a great pack with a bitch pen in it!'....yes, we had gotten 'bitch' of a pen...i'm sure the whole quad heard me...well, at least people within 2 meters radius heard me, if they pay even marginal attention to me...alas...it's 'beek' pen for 'bic'....it has never been 'beech' or 'bitch'...remember 'beek'...'beek'...'beek'...mbeeeekkkkk...that's one of the sheep calling...

Monday, June 28, 2010

please, spare me

one of the thing that sometimes irritate me to no end is PASSIONATE people...no, there's nothing wrong about being passionate...there's no rule or guideline saying it's morally, ehically or even physically wrong....but it's irritating me to have the fact that they are so passionate about something, they practically shove it in my face...ALL THE TIME...for someone who's so rudderless right now, that's major major NO NO in the book of harley...

anyway, ranting aside, uhmmm, no no, no 'ranting aside'...it's irritating....i don't care if u r the cutest thing i saw since nickhun (of 2pm, the korean boyband...i just watched him in 'we got married' a few minutes ago so yeah i'm soooo using him right now)...i don't care if u will become a rich man-eating shark of a lawyer in a year...i just don't freaking CARE...coz i'm 'nothing' relative to their 'something'....so there....at least i justified myself *pet myself on the back with satisfaction*...


i just made another batch of chicken quesadillas...yum yum yum...i'm in the mood to write a simple quesadillas recipe so, here goes...wait...before i proceed, remember this is a very simple recipe and there are thousands of variations of quesadillas so, u can always make ur own version :)

chicken quesadillas (serving:2)

  • wheat/flour tortilla - 6 (i used store bought tortillas, too lazy to make my own :P)
  • boneless chicken breast - 400-500 g
  • onion - 1-2 (depends on how much onion you want)
  • cheddar cheese - 200 g (grated)
  • vegetable/olive oil - 2 tablespoons
  • cajun spice
  • barbeque sauce
  • salt to taste
how to make the filling:
  1. clean boneless chicken breast and dry it with paper towel. then cover the chicken breast under a saran wrap or wax paper and pound it until it's reasonably and uniformly thin. this is so that the chicken is cooked well when grilled.
  2. season chicken breast with Cajun spice and salt. any spices can be used and since i really love Cajun spice, it's my poison of choice :)
  3. oil the grilling pan very lightly so that the chicken does not stick to the pan. grill chicken until well-cooked. when chicken is cooked, spread a layer of barbeque sauce on both surfaces of chicken and grill for about 10 seconds on both sides. remove chicken and cut it to have medium sized chicken strips.
  4. chop the onion crosswise so that u will have semi-circular onion sections. add 1 tablespoon of oil into a pan and sauté onion in low heat until it's light brown (really soft and sweet but not burned). remove the onion for quesadillas assembly later.
how to assemble quesadillas:
  1. on one tortilla, add a layer of onion and chicken strips. sprinkle a bit of barbeque sauce on the filling and add grated cheese until the whole tortilla is covered. add another tortilla on the filling.
  2. grill the assembled quesadillas until cheese is melted.
  3. cut quesadillas in 4 sections.
  4. buen apetito!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

blast from the past

while i was studying just now, i made a playlist of songs that i want to listen...the song 'my name is luca' by susan vega strikes particularly close to my heart...remember that song?...it's beautiful and meaningful...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i know 4 types of penguins:

  1. real penguins. the ones which live in cold areas and are very cute looking.
  2. gegel. fat rolling penguin.
  3. alin. fat penguin. full stop.
  4. jaja. squawking penguin.
  5. aboy. sharkie. it's a story for another day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

quote of the day

'sugar, u set my heart on fire....
.....with the amount of chillis and hot pepper flakes in that dish T_T'

tip of the day

something to say to ur husband:
"honey, i hate ur mother, so i am going to say that to her face".
it's a tried-and-proven method to piss ur husband off (mummy's boy, surprise surprise 99.9% of men are mummy's boy...the ones who are not have dead mummies).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

cognitive functioning of the day

i have a hypothetical question for u:

what is the first thing that u think of when you see a 27-year-old guy all cosy and lovey dovey with a 37-year-old woman? (not real age, but they look those ages)

  1. no cheating, say the first thing u come up with.
  2. this is not a test, so there's no right and wrong answer.
  3. that's it. i'm just curious.

cognitive functioning of the day

i have a hypothetical question for u:

what is the first thing that u think of when you see a 27-year-old guy all cosy and lovey dovey with a 37-year-old woman? (not real age, but they look those ages)
  1. no cheating, say the first thing u come up with.
  2. this is not a test, so no right and wrong answer.
  3. that's it. i'm just curious.

post weekend wake-up

u know, that idiot that curses the moon and stars for her incessant tummy ache, the one who cannot stop eating every 20 minutes to save the world, yes that lump of stupidity, yes, i am that 'idiot' slash 'lump of stupidity'....i ate too much (how can i ever tell it's too much???...i don't have the innate mechanism that tells me 'hey boyo u are done here')...and now i have tummy ache...i still eat too much...i wholly blame this to dears jaja, gegel and aboy...

okay, anyway, i am listening to lady antebellum - need you now....it's addictive, that's all i'm gonna say...no, no don't let me start on country music and how can i ever ever ever like it....that's it...i'm done here...moving on...tata!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

not helping

oh and i gained 240kg and still steadily gaining since my siblings come for a visit...we eat almost non-stop...the fat is slowly distributing in my ass, under my arms, under my chin, around my abdomen, in front of my abdomen and lastly clogging my arteries (that's a must)...in the case of where i put the blame on: of course it is squarely on their shoulders...

my observations of the week

it's been positively ages since i've written, well type anyway, even a word here...it's either because i'm at loss of what to write (muse oh muse why don't u ever appear when i really desperately need u the most!) or my real life is taking all of my time (i do actually have a real life, which consists of class, sleep, eat, shower, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, all in that order)....moving on, my sisters jaja and gegel and my lil bro aboy are currently visiting me!!!...me, their beautiful, loving and gentle older sister...u know, all those beautiful positive personality traits, that apply to me...

anyway, these 2 weeks have been hectic with exam preparations, exam and entertaining naughty little children (in case u r wondering, that's my sibs)....i'm missing b so much (she's so cute!) but these recalcitrant children make up for that...anyway, a few stories to share:

  • aboy displayed weird sense of modesty when he actually pull his legs together (u know the way ladies actually seat, not boys, for god's sake!) when he heard fazan coming back yesterday...ah to make the picture whole, he did that when he was sitting on the little couch that faces the main door...the result: fazan saw that move and craked up...real bad...i wonder...does he have a screwed sense of modesty coz of us, his 4 larger-than-life elder sisters, not forgetting mama?...

  • gegel continues to annoy me with her rendition of my previous idiotic (i won't admit to that, i'm just quoting the annoying someone) words and actions...the result: i hit jaja...why, u ask?...well, she's nearer...she can always hit gegel if she feels that my action is unfair (darling, the world is never fair, wake up and smell the air pollution)...

  • jaja continues (on the continuation theme) to nag like a second mama...coz of that, i don't miss mama's nagging...

  • mama called, a lifetime ago, to ask whether all of us had dinner or not and hung-up before commenting on how i starved my sibs (they screamed to the phone, claiming that, but mama just cheerfully claimed 'i just called to ask about dinner!' repeatedly, not really listening)...the moral of the story: mama just want to ask, not listen...

  • some random lady ask for 2 dollars from me when i was on the way to the exam room...no, she's not a homeless, since she lives in my apartment building...and no, i don't sympathize, not because i ran my limit of sympathy-of-the-day, more because the request was so random, i was in a rush and she didn't even say why she needed the 2 dollars...the lesson learned: please state your reason for asking when you want something from a random stranger or make pitiful face...people will be more likely to give something if u do so...in my case, i'm just a bitch early in the morning (and in the afternoon and night)...

  • -the end-

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