Monday, June 28, 2010

please, spare me

one of the thing that sometimes irritate me to no end is PASSIONATE, there's nothing wrong about being passionate...there's no rule or guideline saying it's morally, ehically or even physically wrong....but it's irritating me to have the fact that they are so passionate about something, they practically shove it in my face...ALL THE TIME...for someone who's so rudderless right now, that's major major NO NO in the book of harley...

anyway, ranting aside, uhmmm, no no, no 'ranting aside''s irritating....i don't care if u r the cutest thing i saw since nickhun (of 2pm, the korean boyband...i just watched him in 'we got married' a few minutes ago so yeah i'm soooo using him right now)...i don't care if u will become a rich man-eating shark of a lawyer in a year...i just don't freaking CARE...coz i'm 'nothing' relative to their 'something' least i justified myself *pet myself on the back with satisfaction*...


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