Sunday, June 13, 2010

post weekend wake-up

u know, that idiot that curses the moon and stars for her incessant tummy ache, the one who cannot stop eating every 20 minutes to save the world, yes that lump of stupidity, yes, i am that 'idiot' slash 'lump of stupidity'....i ate too much (how can i ever tell it's too much???...i don't have the innate mechanism that tells me 'hey boyo u are done here')...and now i have tummy ache...i still eat too much...i wholly blame this to dears jaja, gegel and aboy...

okay, anyway, i am listening to lady antebellum - need you's addictive, that's all i'm gonna, no don't let me start on country music and how can i ever ever ever like it....that's it...i'm done here...moving on...tata!!!


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