Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's The Weekend...

Which means, I have free time to do certain things I don't have the opportunity to do during weekdays. As usual, I'll share the things I've to do and have done:

  1. Buy a printer with cheaper ink. It's giving me a huge headache right now, so I'm hoping for the best and it'll work miraculously when I need to print off my school stuff. It's Epson Stylus TX121 by the way. Just in case you want to buy a similar model that can give you a permanent headache. DON'T BUY AN EPSON PRINTER PEOPLE! NEVER!
  2. Bought a wireless mouse, since I've been without a faithful mouse since forever. It's white and pink and small = cute.
  3. Study for Monday assessment. This time around, I really actually need to study. Really.
  4. Think of ways to get the money to pay for the printer and ink -_- 
  5. Print notes for Monday.
  6. Hand wash clothes that I've soaked for almost 2 weeks now -_-
  7. Some shopping for daily necessity. This time the things I need to buy are real necessity.
  8. Clean up the mess I made when I got the printer.

Okay, 8 items are enough for this weekend. I need my beauty sleep too >_<

And my weekend song:

Have a mellow weekend peeps!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mama's Slice Of Heaven

My Mama loves her garden. Her garden and her mini-garden are like her little toddlers, to be petted, coaxed and spoiled every day. She cares for them, talks to them, nourishes them and tends them well. How I'd envy Mama's garden if she doesn't treat us all better :)

Mama's babies are precious. I don't really know their names, so I'll just introduce them graphically and sharing their beauteous charms.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Drop Of Happiness A Day

Daily dose of happiness!

Before I forgot, I have to share this. I told Mama a few days ago (was it just yesterday?) that we have to focus on happiness and try to disregard the sadness and depressive news. I've said, 'Find one thing to be happy about daily, then your days and nights will fill with happiness'.

I truly believe this!

I just got one super happy news today. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll share it later when everything is 'done'. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Songs Of The Day

I've always loved R&B. It's first and foremost is my first love. Will forever be my first love when it comes to music. It has been forever since I've fallen instantaneously in love with a song since these 2:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Friends

I'm young. Okay, relatively. I've seen things that I hope make me learn more of life and human nature. One thing I've never been since I was 10 is naive. I don't believe in inherent good nature of people. I don't believe in instant trust. I don't believe in people being nice to you just because.

Life doesn't work that way. I know, there are good people out there. I believe a lot of the people I trust (a short list that it is) are good people. They have their good side, and their bad side. Just like me. However, I also believe that when money is concern, nothing good will come out of it.

This is my advice for the day for all of you out there:

When it comes to money, even the most loving sister or brother can stab you in the back. So, be careful. Try to not factor in money in any relationship, yes even with your immediate family. I know I am owing a lot to my family, I try my best to work hard and become who I'm supposed to become and pay it all back, so that we can be on equal ground again. Right now, when it comes to money, someone will always feel inferior to another. There lies the feeling of inferiority, the feeling that you owe someone, thus you must always agree to whatever they want you to do and feelings of unworthiness.

Like I said, money makes the world go round. No one can totally exist without it. It is also the root cause of many family squabbles. So ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to family, try to keep money away from any relationships. That includes business. Especially business. Shit happens. Money, business and family are totally not compatible with each other. 

Song Of The Day - No Goodbyes

This song is dedicated to all of my good friends out there whom I haven't talked to in a long while. I miss you guys! I'm sorry for being such a bad friend....


One part of me that I really hate is my anger. I have anger management problem. Whenever I'm presented with a problem, especially if it's family related, my first reaction is anger. I'll be at my confrontational best and I'll go directly into the offensive instead of defensive. 

This part of my personality, I know it since a long time ago. I'm short-tempered and I have a I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude. I guess that's what makes me the worst sort of person to confide in, since I'll not be rational in any given situation, and will probably make things a lot worse than it already is (or probably is).

I don't really know whether I should fix this problem, or even how to fix it. In a lot of cases, anger works for me personally, as a form of self-protection. The angrier I get, the less I get depressed of harsh realities of life. So, it's really hard to let go of it now, when I really don't need it. Anger serves its purpose to protect me before, now it's turning me into someone I don't even like. I guess life is not always about kittens and roses.

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