Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Friends

I'm young. Okay, relatively. I've seen things that I hope make me learn more of life and human nature. One thing I've never been since I was 10 is naive. I don't believe in inherent good nature of people. I don't believe in instant trust. I don't believe in people being nice to you just because.

Life doesn't work that way. I know, there are good people out there. I believe a lot of the people I trust (a short list that it is) are good people. They have their good side, and their bad side. Just like me. However, I also believe that when money is concern, nothing good will come out of it.

This is my advice for the day for all of you out there:

When it comes to money, even the most loving sister or brother can stab you in the back. So, be careful. Try to not factor in money in any relationship, yes even with your immediate family. I know I am owing a lot to my family, I try my best to work hard and become who I'm supposed to become and pay it all back, so that we can be on equal ground again. Right now, when it comes to money, someone will always feel inferior to another. There lies the feeling of inferiority, the feeling that you owe someone, thus you must always agree to whatever they want you to do and feelings of unworthiness.

Like I said, money makes the world go round. No one can totally exist without it. It is also the root cause of many family squabbles. So ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to family, try to keep money away from any relationships. That includes business. Especially business. Shit happens. Money, business and family are totally not compatible with each other. 


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