Saturday, July 5, 2014

Have You Ever Feel That Way?

One thing that makes me break into cold sweat is my family members calling. It's not that I mind them calling. The thing is, for any innocuous or innocent reasons, I'd be happy to get a call out of the blue and just chat. However, since the norm is me calling, them receiving my calls, I get into full anxiety mode when I get calls, especially from my Mama or Baba.

It'll be worse if I get calls late at night or really early in the morning, because:

  1. I usually sleep really early at night and during non-class days, wake up really late in the morning, and my family knows this. So them calling at my hibernation hours must be related to something important enough to wake up the bear, so to speak.
  2. it's a weird hour to call, since my Mama and Baba also sleep early and while they wake up early, they usually have lots of activities in the morning other than calling me to say 'hi'.
So yeah, when I see a missed call from either of my parents, my heart will start to palpitate and I can feel it getting stronger and almost bursting out of my chest. Thankfully, usually the reasons are harmless enough, like a call from Baba a few days ago, asking me about the brand name of the glucometer I bought last year. I feel like giggling like a 10-year old girl when I heard him asking about it, since I was so afraid something serious happened. 

Have you ever feel that way about a call?

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