Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Boys Foodtruck, Wangsa Maju

I was pretty excited to try out this new joint after a recommendation by my sister. My sister, in fact, has never tried this place. She saw it from a foodie show. That said, I researched online and found out that the name of the foodtruck is 'The Boys Food Truck'. Thus, I set out (with my parents) to Dataran Wangsa near KWSP and RHB to try out the food.

There were 2 trucks, one selling all the grilled stuff (burger, steak sandwich and hot dog) and the other one was selling spaghetti and drinks. The system was meticulous, you write down your order with your name and they will call you up once your order is ready.

The problem is mainly with the grilled truck. I came early, before 9.30pm (the opening time) and I was behind less than 10 people. My order SHOULD be less than number 10. Weirdly, after waiting more than 1 hour and seeing the previous people AND a few people who ordered AFTER me left, I was feeling iffy about this. I went and asked about my order, and voila, to my surprise, my order was behind about 5-6 people whom I saw came and order AFTER me. I was really really surprised. I mean, I honestly remember seeing the guy taking my order BEFORE a few of them and those patrons have long gotten their order and went off. So, I left. 

One good thing was the line for spaghetti truck was short. In my case, again, coz I arrived earlier, even before they opened up, so I managed to get my order fast. The thing is, my complain is not the waiting time. I get it. The line was long, all I can do is just wait. My complain is that they messed up the order of my order. How can my order was way behind a few people who came LATER than me? 

Next, and my last rant, the meatball has hair. Yes, human hair. Black and long. It's disgusting. It put me off the meatball.

Sadly, I'd love to give the food truck a great review but alas, it's really bad. Messing up my order and hair are a no-no, especially for patrons who come before opening time. Imagine those who come later already getting their order while you have to wait for your freaking turn. It is ridiculous.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I know I am a selfish person. A cold person. A person no one will think of when you need a helping hand.

However, know this. You are my friend. Anytime you are in need, no matter what, you can come to me. I may not be able to help, but I can at least listen. In the smallest way, I hope I can be a friend to you. 

You are my friend. I may not be the best friend in the world, but I will always be your friend. Just reach out. I am blind and deaf to your suffering. The only way I can be aware is for you to come to me and share. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Primary School Teacher Of SK Taman Setiawangsa

I went to a primary school called Taman Setiawangsa from Standard 2 to Standard 6 (I think). What I remember well is not a rosy childhood school memory but one particular teacher. She never really taught me directly, but we have interactions as she was in-charge of all the prefects at the time. 

I remember, when I was in Standard 6, the 'best' classes were divided into 2 for some particular reasons. Best classes as in students who scored the highest marks in examination the year before. Somehow, this teacher was the class teacher of one of the best classes. 

I was in the other best class. The funniest shit is, the teacher looked very religious with her wide headscarf (you know, the one that reaches below your chest level). She wore a pair of spectacles and she was quite short and dark. She always speak as if she's very gentle and reasonable. This is not a story of how I like her.

This is a story how a teacher can be a bitch even though she is a teacher. You see, my impressions of a teacher is that a teacher SHOULD be a role model to youngsters. However, she left a sour taste in my mouth. She has a daughter my age, who has 'Ning' in her name and the daughter went into her class. 

What I particularly remember is how she always favoured students from her class, thinking that they were all superior than students from my class. Hello? If your students are so brilliant, why was my marks and standing is always way higher than them? I didn't even need to study or take extra class *smirks* She even gave all the high posts in the prefectdom to all her favoured students from her class. 

Guess what, you bitch, even though I was a prefect, that post is not all the shit. It's not real life and in a long run, it is not something that I can even be proud of. It's just part of my childhood memory, nothing more, nothing less. It's not brain science. It's not going to change the world, feed starving people or cure cancer.

My siblings who later all went to the same school complained the same thing. That she was such a bitch. I guess, not all teachers are good teachers. A bitch is always a bitch. If most students hate you, you should realize already that you are a bitch.

Actually there are more things, but those are going to take 1000000 more words to type out. Safe to say that her bitchdom is a done deal.
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