Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bottle Full Of Love

I think the greatest invention of modern times is if we can share beautiful smells via media (online, TV, radio, adverts). I can't describe how beautiful Escada's Ocean Lounge perfume is. Actually, I can but yeah, I love this perfume! I sprayed it on myself for my now-cancelled date with Rini, and I can still smell it until now. It inspires me to write stupid poems of love!

It really smells like candies and sweet fruit. I love it!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Have I already mentioned that I'm addicted to that too?

Yeah, that tweety bird thing.

I've tweeted over 50,000 times to date. Do you know that if you tweet too much, too fast, you'll be 'jailed' aka won't be able to tweet for a short while ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour? That means you have to have a back-up aka a jailed account, which I have.

So, yeah.

Monday, January 27, 2014


This is a confession.

I have a not-so-new addiction that I just can't help but be addicted. 

Online shopping.

While I confess of not being rich, being that I am not earning nor have a sugar-daddy, I know my limit, thus I don't overspend on stuff that is too expensive. That said, I buy things that, upon deep reflection, that I don't really need. Not really. 

Food vouchers to restaurants (God knows how many restaurants I've been to, from pizzeria to vegetarian), make-up kits, electronics (from powerbank for my brother-in-law to cheap android phone that I somehow suddenly desperately need, according to people around me) to accessories and perfumes.

Worse is, I am still addicted. I troll for value-for-money stuff, like original perfume that is at least 20-30% cheaper than the over the counter price and food vouchers on half price. 

I think this is my cry for help. Someone, please lock my bank account. Please take away all of my debit cards. Please lecture me on the reality of saving money for the future. Please tell me that I am into this too deep, that I need help. Help.

Is Living Too Depressing Back Then?

Credit: zombienerd88

Well, the fairy tale writers should be proud that life is as horrifying now as they are back then with rape, murder etc. They are not too far off, in fact. The irony, eh?

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I've never presented myself as someone who's not who I am. I am brash. I am hot-headed. I am lazy. I love kpop especially 2PM (well, scratch that, I just love 2PM). I love to read romance and watch romance dramas. I dislike movies. I don't usually read the news (but lately, I've subscribed to the Star for latest news, as news amuse me somewhat). I am rarely interested in politics. I am quite shallow for someone approaching her 30s soon.

Anyway, looking back, at the door of my 30s, I feel like a lot of things have changed for me, yet, I am still, at the core, the same person. I am as unreliable as ever. I feel like I need a drastic change, but well. I don't feel like I need one. So, yeah. May God lead the way for 2014 and beyond. He will definitely show me the way. I will definitely find my way.
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