Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fact 01

Is it ordinary not to have your family's phone number? Because I don't have my paternal family members' home and mobile numbers. Not even my grandmother's home or mobile phone number. Just saying.

Referring To The Last One...

My story was vague and ended up abruptly on the last post. The reason was - I ran out of steam by the second sentence. Don't you just hate that? I debated on whether to post that last post or keep it in the Vault of Shame, but what the heck? I've written that, might as well share the piece, whether it makes sense or not.

Back to I-ran-out-of-idea-or-motivation issue, I'm sure all of us feel that one time or another. You are all fired up, ready to go and off it goes. Then, out of sudden, 10 seconds after you are doing what ever you are doing, you just don't feel like doing it anymore. Your options, you have to either:
  1. just quit while you are at it before you regret it your whole life. C'est la vie, non?
  2. go on doing it valiantly and regret it later. Repent in leisure and all that.
  3. go on doing it and pat yourself on the back later, thinking 'I don't want to do it, but I did it anyway. Ain't I a wondrous thing?'

Usually, I am the Option 1 girl. I give up too easily. Then again, I've done things I'd rather kill myself than doing it retrospectively but I did it for the sake of finishing what I've started. Life is never just black and white. While there may be a lot of things that can be simplified, with our ethical, moral and religious codes to guide us, a lot of other things are never easy. There is always this gray area that confound us, becoming a controversial issue. That, my friends, is the end of this blab-all-I-can post.

Say It Out Loud, Bitches! In MY Face!

The gossip vine is alive and well. Well, while I love to be mysterious and private, I am not really not that person. I never am, and probably never will. I will never share somebody else's secret, that's a given, so don't worry. Anyway, my paternal family is very vicious. They talk about everyone else as if it's their given right. I'm not saying that my maternal family doesn't do that, they probably do, but they go straight to the source and insult us in the face. That took guts.

In my father's family case, they are a bunch of yellow livered people. They talk badly about us behind our backs, then smile and say nice things to our faces. Anyhow, this is a story about me. My dad said he wanted to announce my news to his family (which is totally unnecessary, considering they don't feed me, but well, it doesn't matter to me anyway). In a few days, these sharks are all speculating about me.

Okay bitches, talk to your hearts content. It's fun to say whatever you want, but in the end, I will die alone. In the end, it doesn't matter anyway. The main reason I'm writing this? Well, it's fun to talk badly about these sharks. It make my day. Them sharks = me. We are all similiar ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uhmm, May I Have A Plate Of Chicken Rice, Please?

Have you ever feel lost in ordering food when you are at a restaurant? I feel that all the time. Case 1:

Today, Mama was at wits end thinking of what to cook for the day (she bought nasi lemak for breakfast and McDonald's for lunch for us. All in the name of healthy living) so we all end up going to the neighbourhood mamak restaurant for dinner. I am usually the last one to order as I have absolutely no heavenly idea on what to eat, which was what happened today. As everyone's orders came in, I adopted the order-whatever-as-long-as-I-eat-for-God's-sake attitude and ordered the first thing I saw on the menu when I opened it, chicken murtabak. My mama was worse, she couldn't even decide on what to eat, she ended up sharing my meal.

This happens a lot when I go to restaurants with a huge variety of selections. It's totally weird since my family is known to be a bunch of picky eaters. We don't eat anything else other than seafood, chicken (breast or ribs only please, no drumstick, wings, organs and what-not) and beef. We don't eat any sort of organs, any sort of fat like chicken fat (the skin, unless it's KFC or McD's fried chicken) or beef fat, joints, lamb, venison, birds etc. Even seafood is a limited list as we only eat certain seafood and fish.

I can safely say I am the most adventurous one in the family as I eat salmon (which is considered disgusting by my whole dear family), mussels and some other things they would never touch with a 10-foot pole. We find that eating at a limited menu restaurants like high-end restaurants and hotels are way easier, considering almost 70% of the menu would definitely be our no!-no!-hell-no! list. Thus, shrinking our choices and making it easier for us to order and eat.

Living in Auckland is also relatively easy. Considering my dietary need (halal first and foremost), choosing is a smooth sailing path. Halal joints are limited to kebab, Indian, Arab-Mediterranean, Thai, Indonesian and some Malaysian places. Believe me, that list is abbreviated. If my friends and I go to specifically non-halal places like the bars and restaurants, making a decision is relatively painless and easy. We would either choose seafood or vegetarian. Or, if we are extremely lucky, some beef, lamb or chicken might be halal, considering New Zealand is one of a major halal beef exporters.

I remember a lot of my favourite places, like the Korean restaurant on Queen Street and the Japanese place on High Street where I used to go with Rachel, Joyce or Evie, one time or another (I can't seem to remember the places' names -_- even though I've been to these 2 restaurants for years). I always ordered the same food as they are my favourites and I don't have many choices anyway. I also remember the Occidental Bar where I always go to with Yaya and Dora. The mussels and salmon are out of this world! There is also this high-end cafe near High Street which serves the yummiest salmon pasta ever! The sushi place in the corner of Te Taou and Mahuhu Crescents is also in the best-places-to-go-and-eat list as they serve the best sushi in the world and to add its superbness, the sushis are also halal! What about the butter chicken, a specialty in one of UoA's city campus' Indian place? I miss them and the time I spend with my precious friends.

Anyway, making a food choice is never easy for me. I love eating out, but I'd rather go to new places every time I eat out because then I have a legitimate reason to order the house specialty. I hate making food decisions.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Notice Please

My sisters and I, we have this one common trait. We never respond to people who call out from outside our home. It's like a reflex reaction. If we hear someone calling out from outside, say a male stranger calling out 'Hello' repeatedly, we will try to silent the television (or switch it off) and play dead possum.

We almost never respond. Sometimes, just sometimes, we'll panic and run as silently as possible upstairs to tell our parents about this stranger calling out. I am especially bad. Just a few hours ago, I was lounging around at the lounge area downstairs alone watching a korean tv show. I heard this voice calling out, I stayed still until he gave up. After 15 minutes or so, he did give up.

I should've called my mama or baba to deal with him. I don't know why I did what I did. Basically, it's an ingrained habit that refused to go away. So, if anyone ever come to our place, please do give us some notice as we are the infamous 'ostrich girls' who bury our heads in the ground once a human passes by. Thank you.

I Want To Be A Household Help!

In the mean time, while Gegel aka Totis at the the same age, she was jealous of a maid. Yes, a household staff. Her reasoning: 'Kak Sham (the maid's name) doesn't have to go to school (kindergarten)! She can just play around all day!'. She is such a logical person, even for a 5-year old. She hated school so much that she:

a) left her school bag every day outside of the school gate (I don't know why, only her 5-year old self knew the reason)
b) had to be bribed with money to go to school, every time (she always wanted a 50 cents coin as it was significantly bigger than 1 dollar coin. That means, 50 cents were more valuable. Again, a 5-year old logic).

This is the main reason she is a great extortionist today. She was taught from small.

Problem Solver

When my sister Jaja was about 5 years old, she wanted to show my baba (dad) her kindergarten's exam result. While my baba was driving. My baba replied by saying 'Okay dear, I'll take a look later. I cannot take look at it since I am driving'. And her solution to that statement: shove the exam result in front of my baba's eyes, all while he was driving! Lucky no accident happens. My little sister is a genius.

Cuteness Overload

I found this and can you just imagine the squeals and cooing and sighing going on in front of this side of screen? Check it out because this baby is definitely adorable!!!!

Baby Singing & Dancing To A Banana Song ^^

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marriage Issue

On the eve of my 2*th birthday (in actuality, remember people I am 22 years old. Forever), I reflected on my life so far and came up with this very very important list:

  1. I am way younger in heart than my actually age. Which directly translated into 'I am old but act young' or more aptly 'I am immature'.
  2. I am a very difficult person to know. I am short-tempered (this bear repeating) and moody. I am a polar bear. Cuddly one time, crazy scary in another and hibernating most of the time.
  3. I am very opinionated, even the subject or issue discussed is not well-known or unknown to me. This can be translated into 'I have a say in everything even if what I say reflect my ignoramus status or plain stupidity or blindness to truth'.
  4. I don't hate it when elder ladies ask about my marital status or plan. But I hate stupid old ladies who say stupid stuff like 'the older you get, the harder it is to get married' (as if I plan it that way, just to jinx my chances in getting hitch, you stupid dumb broad) or 'the older you get married, the more likely for you to encounter difficulties in getting babies' (as if I don't know. I learned biological science, you know. I am very well aware, so you don't need to shove it in my face). Or 'my *insert precious daughter's name* is younger than you by *insert a significant number* years and she is getting married soon!*annoying titter*' (well, the more power to the-said-daughter!). Seriously, I don't plan my life to be this way but it did turn out this way, so back off. Unless you are willing to find me a husband, pay for my wedding and pay my living expenses until I graduate, DO NOT OPEN YOUR FREAKING MOUTH EVER. Take care of your own family and leave mine off.
  5. I am still a major burden to my parents -_-. That said, I will continue to do so until I graduate so, I am eating less to lessen my parents' load in buying food. Okay. That sounds majorly idiotic, so I take that back. I don't know how I can lessen my burden-ness but I'll come up with something. Soon.

Okay, that is the TOP 5 things I come up with with a deep reflection of my life (5 minutes reflection, but who cares?). Life is ever unpredictable. One moment you are on top, the next you stumble down spectacularly and next you stand up and start crawling again.

P/S: My birthday is in 10 months time, just to let you know.

Dear Friends

One thing I definitely know about myself is I am definitely (again, I repeat, definitely) not a good friend. I scold my friends, I ignore them at times, they have to suffer my moodiness and all the craziness. But one thing I can definitely say about my friendship is, I rarely act like a stranger to my friends, no matter how long I haven't spoken to them.

Yes, I know I don't have many friends. Yes, I also know I, in essence am a loner. I rarely talk to my friends, but when I do, I do talk lots. In my defense, I'd say that I've been like this forever. I am a difficult person, in essence. I am short tempered and I speak my mind more than I'd like to, which lead to various disasters. I am also inarticulate (in person).

Anyway, my whole point of this is, I love each of this special person I call my friend. If not, I would not even talk to them. At all. This is how I am. I'm sorry I am this way, but bear with me dear friends. I love all of you and just text, email, call or buzz me, I will definitely talk to you if I'm able (internet connection, money issue and level of busy-ness notwithstanding) ^^

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moral Of This Whole Freaking Story

Lately I have so many things to say (relevant and irrelevant). However, I always forgot by the time I have the leisure time to sit in front of my mini-lappie and crunch on those alphabets. Anyway, this one story is a lesson-learned kind of story.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally misplaced my mobile phone. The thing was the place was almost deserted excepting the makcik-cleaner (an older cleaner lady). She seemed friendly as she did say hello to me earlier that morning. I was frantic trying to find my lost mobile as a) I love my cute mobile; b) I don't have the will or money to buy another one; c) I got like tons of numbers I never seem to remember to save somewhere else; d) I got like over $100 worth of phone credit on it; e) it's my freaking phone and I love it!

As I got around looking like a demented headless chicken trying to find my mobile phone, that makcik cleaner just looked at me disinterestedly. Finally, someone I know who worked there passed by and saw me and asked me what was wrong. I told him about my mobile and he promised to help if I didn't find it soon. I, then, asked the cleaner lady. She confessed that she hid it because 'she doesn't want any willy-nilly stranger taking a mobile phone that isn't his/hers to take' and proceeded by telling me some cock-and-bull story of her experience.

The thing is I don't believe her. It's not that I am a naturally suspicious person or that I am prejudiced because of her job or nationality (she is a foreigner). It's simply because for the past 2 to 3 hours, the only people who were there at that particular area were she and I. There was no one, absolutely no one else passes that area in that period other than that man, who passed like 2 minutes before I asked that cleaner lady. There is also the fact that she did saw me looking for something like crazy for the past 15 minutes and it never occur to her that I was looking for something? Was she a moron or something? Can't she make a connection between the found mobile phone and that crazy woman who was running from one end to another looking like she was looking for something?

I was fairly obvious in my search. The moral of the story is: Never lose your precious belonging because you'll go demented over it. And that particular cleaning lady is shady.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Playlist Today

New music of this brand spanking new year! Yay! I have One Way feat. Junsu 2PM - Rainy Days and CN Blue - Love Light on my playlist right now. I have to say both songs are very well loved by moi!


Happy New Year!
Happy 2011!

Yes, yes, I really have no earthly idea why we are celebrating a new year when it means another year added to our venerable age and character, another wrinkle waiting to happen, another step closer to the 6-feet-under-'room' and so on. Anyhow, a lot of people need reason for renewal, for the need to celebrate, for the need to have another same old resolutions and to most, a reason to get drunk and party as we count down the hours to a new year.

Yes, if you noticed I am writing almost properly now. No more '....', no more bla bla bla. Anyhow, I'm the same old me. When it comes to resolutions, I wish the same thing I wished for every year, for me to work hard to achieve what ever I set to achieve. Have a great year ahead people!

P/S: The wish may come 5 days late but it's there finally. And isn't that what matters? Hehehe...

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