Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Want To Be A Household Help!

In the mean time, while Gegel aka Totis at the the same age, she was jealous of a maid. Yes, a household staff. Her reasoning: 'Kak Sham (the maid's name) doesn't have to go to school (kindergarten)! She can just play around all day!'. She is such a logical person, even for a 5-year old. She hated school so much that she:

a) left her school bag every day outside of the school gate (I don't know why, only her 5-year old self knew the reason)
b) had to be bribed with money to go to school, every time (she always wanted a 50 cents coin as it was significantly bigger than 1 dollar coin. That means, 50 cents were more valuable. Again, a 5-year old logic).

This is the main reason she is a great extortionist today. She was taught from small.


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