Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!
Happy 2011!

Yes, yes, I really have no earthly idea why we are celebrating a new year when it means another year added to our venerable age and character, another wrinkle waiting to happen, another step closer to the 6-feet-under-'room' and so on. Anyhow, a lot of people need reason for renewal, for the need to celebrate, for the need to have another same old resolutions and to most, a reason to get drunk and party as we count down the hours to a new year.

Yes, if you noticed I am writing almost properly now. No more '....', no more bla bla bla. Anyhow, I'm the same old me. When it comes to resolutions, I wish the same thing I wished for every year, for me to work hard to achieve what ever I set to achieve. Have a great year ahead people!

P/S: The wish may come 5 days late but it's there finally. And isn't that what matters? Hehehe...


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