Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moral Of This Whole Freaking Story

Lately I have so many things to say (relevant and irrelevant). However, I always forgot by the time I have the leisure time to sit in front of my mini-lappie and crunch on those alphabets. Anyway, this one story is a lesson-learned kind of story.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally misplaced my mobile phone. The thing was the place was almost deserted excepting the makcik-cleaner (an older cleaner lady). She seemed friendly as she did say hello to me earlier that morning. I was frantic trying to find my lost mobile as a) I love my cute mobile; b) I don't have the will or money to buy another one; c) I got like tons of numbers I never seem to remember to save somewhere else; d) I got like over $100 worth of phone credit on it; e) it's my freaking phone and I love it!

As I got around looking like a demented headless chicken trying to find my mobile phone, that makcik cleaner just looked at me disinterestedly. Finally, someone I know who worked there passed by and saw me and asked me what was wrong. I told him about my mobile and he promised to help if I didn't find it soon. I, then, asked the cleaner lady. She confessed that she hid it because 'she doesn't want any willy-nilly stranger taking a mobile phone that isn't his/hers to take' and proceeded by telling me some cock-and-bull story of her experience.

The thing is I don't believe her. It's not that I am a naturally suspicious person or that I am prejudiced because of her job or nationality (she is a foreigner). It's simply because for the past 2 to 3 hours, the only people who were there at that particular area were she and I. There was no one, absolutely no one else passes that area in that period other than that man, who passed like 2 minutes before I asked that cleaner lady. There is also the fact that she did saw me looking for something like crazy for the past 15 minutes and it never occur to her that I was looking for something? Was she a moron or something? Can't she make a connection between the found mobile phone and that crazy woman who was running from one end to another looking like she was looking for something?

I was fairly obvious in my search. The moral of the story is: Never lose your precious belonging because you'll go demented over it. And that particular cleaning lady is shady.


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