Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clazziquai's Blessed

So, probably not many people know how I really love Clazziquai's music, ever since Instant Pig. In fact, Instant Pig is always one of my most favourite albums of any artists, Korean, Western, local or aliens. Anyway, Clazziquai has just released a very beautiful album appropriately called 'Blessed'. It's been a very long time since Mucho Punk. 

Clazziquai is very much jazzy house music. The also experiment in electro. However, I love their jazz-house music the best. My most favourite songs off Blessed are:

  • Still (여전히)

  • Brown Gold Eyes

  • Love Right

In fact, this album is full of gold. This is rapidly coming to become as, in my personal opinion, one of Clazziquai's best album so far. The songs are just entertaining and beautiful!  

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