Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love You Like A Love Song

Yes, yes it's from Selena Gomez's song title. I love how the phrase sounds. It's beautiful. Anyway, I keep on hearing this song on the radio lately. Being Justin Bieber's girlfriend does have it's perks :) This song actually reminds me of late 80's, early 90's song. You know, those days when pop was everything. Kind of sounding like a Euro techno pop kind of song. The lyrics, nothing special there. Just the title itself, it's pure poetry to me. And the music, well it takes me to way back then when I never imagined that innocence lost is something to be missed later.



This is the accumulation of all my hopes and dreams since the past miserable 3 years. I want to see them, badly. I want to scream their song lyrics at the top of my lungs. I want to feel the thrill of actually seeing them live, as opposed to obsessing like a madwoman from afar (that translates to the internet). I WANT THEM. Okay, that will never come true -_-

I really really want to have that ROCK PIT seat/place. It's about RM700. Can I sell a portion of my liver for that? Please? Alas, the type of seat I could afford is the blue-coded one. That is, if I have the money by the time they are selling the tickets :( Anyhow. I want a ticket. And I want it badly.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Live With No Regrets

Lately, this has been my mantra. I've repeated these words so many times, they're already etched on my mind. I've done a lot of mistakes, when I looked back, I feel really sorry for them. It's like watching a horror movie and you keep on screaming 'Don't open the door! Don't do it!' over and over again to the poor characters. Then again, hindsight is 20/20. Life is never that easy. 

So I tell myself, I will always live with no regrets. I'll always reflect on my actions and mistakes, and learn from them. After all, if I repeat the same mistake, a mistake which I've known about, I deserve to all the consequences and die because of it. 

I love my parents, Mama and Baba. Lately, living at home, I'm re-acquainting myself to Mama and Baba after almost 10 years of living away most of the time. I find adjustment is slow and difficult. I'm a young adult now, with firm ideas and opinions. I also have a very short fuse, which can worsen a situation when it's added up to my stubbornness. 

I used to think that I'll get along with my parents really well. It's not the case here. I found that I argue with them, a lot. Whenever I feel hurt, I want to hurt them too, which I did, a lot of times. It's very vicious. I will always feel deeply sorry afterwards. I think, in this case, this is one issue that I will always regret on. While I live to not regret my actions, arguments with my parents always make me feel like a total heel afterwards.

This is another lesson for all. Love your parents. Have patience with them. After all, words can never be erased, even with an apology.

Another One

My infamous lists. List of things I have no freaking idea of, but I dish out opinions right and left which makes me look super cluelessly ignorant (aren't those words have the same meaning?):

  1. Communication companies were taxing consumers (which didn't happen due to the massive protests). These companies have cheese-heads as their managers and executives.
  2. Malaysia's dream of becoming a 'cashless' nation. Or something close to that. That will remain a dream until stupid companies start to allow use of credit and debit cards in stores. With no stupid exception like 'You'll be charged 3% for using the freaking credit card' or 'We only accept credit card, not debit card (Hello? Are you from the Stone Age? Need me to explain the difference)' or 'Credit/Debit cards can only be used with minimum purchase of RM 234 (or some other random numbers)'. I actually bought a less than NZ$1 stuff with my credit card (with no charge or dirty looks from the cashier, mind you) in Auckland. Heck, I even paid my bus and train tickets with credit card. I miss those days when I can practically buy anything with my credit card with no surcharge. I actually rarely have any cash on hand when I lived there.
  3. Haze. KL and haze. If you live in KL, conscious, breathing, and possessing normal working mental faculties, then you should actually know what I'm saying.
  4. Malaysian drivers. Link this to item Number 3. This makes absolutely perfect sense.
  5. I'll repeat this again and again (and this has nothing to do with this whole post). I missed Evie, Dora, Fazan, Joyce, Nia, Rachel and Yaya. So much, that it hurts to think about them.

Long Long Time

It's been a while now. My life is going on fast forward, I have got no time for anything else T_T I haven't talked or went out with my friends. I barely see my parents (other than in the morning before class or evening if I'm not closed up in my room). I have so much to say, but so little time to say it. However, here I am, stealing some time to say what I have in mind nowadays. Things I need to get off my chest:

  • I have this ambivalent feeling towards OSCE. One of my 'patients' was this young guy who's totally cute, so I was like 'Oh my, this guy is sooooooooo cute'. That took 1 minute of the required 5 minutes  >.< This reminds me of one of the doctors who taught me clinical skills in UoA who was the twin of David Beckham (with a New Zealand accent). He's like a dream that'll never fade. Another 'patient' was one of my lecturer, actually there were 2 of them in different stations, but history-taking was never a breeze, add that to a poker-faced lecturer who barked 'What do you mean doctor? Aren't you supposed to do the asking since that's why I came to see you in the first place?'. I literally die. Die, I tell you. And I lost it when I went blank after I saw the words 'Leukonychia', 'Finger Clubbing' and 'Cyanosis'. Scratch the last part, 'Peripheral Cyanosis'. It's one of those days.
  • I know I promised so many things that I've never actually kept. I don't know what to say to that.
  • I cried when I heard the song by The Band Perry - If I Die Young. I bawled my eyes out actually. I repeat, I have a long understanding with sad melancholic type of songs. We agree to 'adhere' to each other. 
  • I will never be a mediator. I'll be the first one hitting anyone who got on my nerves.
  • I'm frustrated that I'm falling back into teenage-hood in terms of wanting to win stupid radio contests.
  • I had a very bad news earlier this week that I couldn't take properly that I literally shut down for a few hours.
  • It's official I'm a bad friend. I feel so sorry to Pink. I really really want to see her but 1. I actually really have no money (so I couldn't actually go out). 2. I have no car of my own, add that to no money, how would I even gas up if I borrow my Baba's car? 3. I'm so ashamed by my behaviour, I don't know how to face Pink >.< 4. Now that I'm going full tilt, my life consists of only 2 parts, daytime for classes, nighttime for assignments. I miss Pink. I feel sorry for her. I am really sorry. I cannot even begin to express how sorry I am.
  • This is getting longer, it's turning into a nightmare of a post. Bye.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can't believe 2PM is pulling another Tired Of Waiting!!!! Wait, it's more epic than Tired Of Waiting ^^

I love Back2U but I haven't been listening to the song since eons ago, now I'm re-addicted ^^ I can't find other good quality fancams that is long enough to appease my craving. Yes, I'm a perverted ahjumma who was desperate enough to search for videos high and low. For now, I'm satisfied with this (yes, I pulled another Junsu video, he's in luck this time hahahaha).

No. I seriously crave for a fuller version T_T I want to see my Chanana, Emperor Nuneo, Khunnie, Taec, Wooyoungie more clearly! I want! I want! I want! *Rolling around on the floor, throwing an epic-proportion tantrum*

I can't believe my Chanana is the maknae! He's like superhot, supersexy!

P/S: This is like a little x-rated, 2PM dearie!!! Why oh why do you guys have to be so sexy! Wait, I found a few short clips of Chanana and Emperor Nuneo. Omo omo omo, these boys are just killing me O_O

Chanana - Breaking My Heart

Emperor Nuneo - My Silent (And Not So Silent) Tears

Khunnie - This-Is-Not-As-Bad-As-The-Others'-Bedroom-Scenes

JunK - Alive

What can I say? Junsu definitely steal the show for me!!! His song is awesome!!!!! I love it! Junsu of 2PM keeps his fans on their toes, waiting for his next composition, and after Kajima, I'm his lifelong fan and I've never looked back. Seriously, this boy got real talent in composing and writing. I love this song, it suits him and I hope JYPE will produce Junsu's solo album in the future. Him and Junho, they both deserve it and since their passion lies in composing and singing, why not? I hope they will be allowed free reign of their music, just like Big Bang (wait, JYPE did allow them to write and produce their own songs ^^ They just need to promote them). Anyway, this is the best fancam I could find, enjoy!

P/S: My Daegu Boss! He's awesomeeee!! Wait, now I think about it, I can't believe he and the rest of 2PM did that Back2U performance in front of their parents -_-;; That's like a thousand kinds of wrongs in my book....

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