Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another One

My infamous lists. List of things I have no freaking idea of, but I dish out opinions right and left which makes me look super cluelessly ignorant (aren't those words have the same meaning?):

  1. Communication companies were taxing consumers (which didn't happen due to the massive protests). These companies have cheese-heads as their managers and executives.
  2. Malaysia's dream of becoming a 'cashless' nation. Or something close to that. That will remain a dream until stupid companies start to allow use of credit and debit cards in stores. With no stupid exception like 'You'll be charged 3% for using the freaking credit card' or 'We only accept credit card, not debit card (Hello? Are you from the Stone Age? Need me to explain the difference)' or 'Credit/Debit cards can only be used with minimum purchase of RM 234 (or some other random numbers)'. I actually bought a less than NZ$1 stuff with my credit card (with no charge or dirty looks from the cashier, mind you) in Auckland. Heck, I even paid my bus and train tickets with credit card. I miss those days when I can practically buy anything with my credit card with no surcharge. I actually rarely have any cash on hand when I lived there.
  3. Haze. KL and haze. If you live in KL, conscious, breathing, and possessing normal working mental faculties, then you should actually know what I'm saying.
  4. Malaysian drivers. Link this to item Number 3. This makes absolutely perfect sense.
  5. I'll repeat this again and again (and this has nothing to do with this whole post). I missed Evie, Dora, Fazan, Joyce, Nia, Rachel and Yaya. So much, that it hurts to think about them.


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