Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can't believe 2PM is pulling another Tired Of Waiting!!!! Wait, it's more epic than Tired Of Waiting ^^

I love Back2U but I haven't been listening to the song since eons ago, now I'm re-addicted ^^ I can't find other good quality fancams that is long enough to appease my craving. Yes, I'm a perverted ahjumma who was desperate enough to search for videos high and low. For now, I'm satisfied with this (yes, I pulled another Junsu video, he's in luck this time hahahaha).

No. I seriously crave for a fuller version T_T I want to see my Chanana, Emperor Nuneo, Khunnie, Taec, Wooyoungie more clearly! I want! I want! I want! *Rolling around on the floor, throwing an epic-proportion tantrum*

I can't believe my Chanana is the maknae! He's like superhot, supersexy!

P/S: This is like a little x-rated, 2PM dearie!!! Why oh why do you guys have to be so sexy! Wait, I found a few short clips of Chanana and Emperor Nuneo. Omo omo omo, these boys are just killing me O_O

Chanana - Breaking My Heart

Emperor Nuneo - My Silent (And Not So Silent) Tears

Khunnie - This-Is-Not-As-Bad-As-The-Others'-Bedroom-Scenes


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