Sunday, September 4, 2011

JunK - Alive

What can I say? Junsu definitely steal the show for me!!! His song is awesome!!!!! I love it! Junsu of 2PM keeps his fans on their toes, waiting for his next composition, and after Kajima, I'm his lifelong fan and I've never looked back. Seriously, this boy got real talent in composing and writing. I love this song, it suits him and I hope JYPE will produce Junsu's solo album in the future. Him and Junho, they both deserve it and since their passion lies in composing and singing, why not? I hope they will be allowed free reign of their music, just like Big Bang (wait, JYPE did allow them to write and produce their own songs ^^ They just need to promote them). Anyway, this is the best fancam I could find, enjoy!

P/S: My Daegu Boss! He's awesomeeee!! Wait, now I think about it, I can't believe he and the rest of 2PM did that Back2U performance in front of their parents -_-;; That's like a thousand kinds of wrongs in my book....


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