Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Friends

One thing I definitely know about myself is I am definitely (again, I repeat, definitely) not a good friend. I scold my friends, I ignore them at times, they have to suffer my moodiness and all the craziness. But one thing I can definitely say about my friendship is, I rarely act like a stranger to my friends, no matter how long I haven't spoken to them.

Yes, I know I don't have many friends. Yes, I also know I, in essence am a loner. I rarely talk to my friends, but when I do, I do talk lots. In my defense, I'd say that I've been like this forever. I am a difficult person, in essence. I am short tempered and I speak my mind more than I'd like to, which lead to various disasters. I am also inarticulate (in person).

Anyway, my whole point of this is, I love each of this special person I call my friend. If not, I would not even talk to them. At all. This is how I am. I'm sorry I am this way, but bear with me dear friends. I love all of you and just text, email, call or buzz me, I will definitely talk to you if I'm able (internet connection, money issue and level of busy-ness notwithstanding) ^^


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