Friday, January 21, 2011

Marriage Issue

On the eve of my 2*th birthday (in actuality, remember people I am 22 years old. Forever), I reflected on my life so far and came up with this very very important list:

  1. I am way younger in heart than my actually age. Which directly translated into 'I am old but act young' or more aptly 'I am immature'.
  2. I am a very difficult person to know. I am short-tempered (this bear repeating) and moody. I am a polar bear. Cuddly one time, crazy scary in another and hibernating most of the time.
  3. I am very opinionated, even the subject or issue discussed is not well-known or unknown to me. This can be translated into 'I have a say in everything even if what I say reflect my ignoramus status or plain stupidity or blindness to truth'.
  4. I don't hate it when elder ladies ask about my marital status or plan. But I hate stupid old ladies who say stupid stuff like 'the older you get, the harder it is to get married' (as if I plan it that way, just to jinx my chances in getting hitch, you stupid dumb broad) or 'the older you get married, the more likely for you to encounter difficulties in getting babies' (as if I don't know. I learned biological science, you know. I am very well aware, so you don't need to shove it in my face). Or 'my *insert precious daughter's name* is younger than you by *insert a significant number* years and she is getting married soon!*annoying titter*' (well, the more power to the-said-daughter!). Seriously, I don't plan my life to be this way but it did turn out this way, so back off. Unless you are willing to find me a husband, pay for my wedding and pay my living expenses until I graduate, DO NOT OPEN YOUR FREAKING MOUTH EVER. Take care of your own family and leave mine off.
  5. I am still a major burden to my parents -_-. That said, I will continue to do so until I graduate so, I am eating less to lessen my parents' load in buying food. Okay. That sounds majorly idiotic, so I take that back. I don't know how I can lessen my burden-ness but I'll come up with something. Soon.

Okay, that is the TOP 5 things I come up with with a deep reflection of my life (5 minutes reflection, but who cares?). Life is ever unpredictable. One moment you are on top, the next you stumble down spectacularly and next you stand up and start crawling again.

P/S: My birthday is in 10 months time, just to let you know.


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