Monday, January 27, 2014


This is a confession.

I have a not-so-new addiction that I just can't help but be addicted. 

Online shopping.

While I confess of not being rich, being that I am not earning nor have a sugar-daddy, I know my limit, thus I don't overspend on stuff that is too expensive. That said, I buy things that, upon deep reflection, that I don't really need. Not really. 

Food vouchers to restaurants (God knows how many restaurants I've been to, from pizzeria to vegetarian), make-up kits, electronics (from powerbank for my brother-in-law to cheap android phone that I somehow suddenly desperately need, according to people around me) to accessories and perfumes.

Worse is, I am still addicted. I troll for value-for-money stuff, like original perfume that is at least 20-30% cheaper than the over the counter price and food vouchers on half price. 

I think this is my cry for help. Someone, please lock my bank account. Please take away all of my debit cards. Please lecture me on the reality of saving money for the future. Please tell me that I am into this too deep, that I need help. Help.


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