Saturday, June 25, 2011

What I've Been Up To These Hot Humid Days

It's been a while. Wait. I think this has become a habit for me. To start off mysteriously with 'It's been a while'. As if I'm about to continue with a great epic news. Anyway, it's true, it's been quite a while for me. I'm not dead, I'm not sick, I'm not depressed (in case if you are wondering, 'depressed' seems to deserve it's own mention, even if it is coming under the heading 'sick') and I'm not giving up on blogging for no one to read. Real life is just too busy. I wake up at 5.45am (or 6-6.30am, depending. On my lazy-O-meter, I mean) and I get ready to leave for school. I will arrive at approximately 7.50am, just in time before class starts, so no internet for the wicked. Class will go on and on until 4.30pm (or 5pm. Again, depending. No, not on me this time, life starts and ends at school, apparently. According to Prof. Viji). Arriving at home approximately at 5pm (to 6.30pm max).

By the time I reach my home's front door, I'm too tired to do anything else other than eating dinner and watch tv, like a couch potato that I am. Then, it's further-lazy time until I sleep. The cycle continues. Wait, why the heck is this crazy lady poring on and on about her day? It's because I'm reaching to my conclusion here. Wait for it, wait for it. Which is: I have no time, even if I do have the will, to write something even reasonably logical. Lately, I've found religion. No. Not really. I found life I've lived before is becoming irrelevant to life I'm living now.

The reason is simple. I cannot live like I did before. Maybe, just maybe (more like most probably), that's the main reason of my downfall. I've taken the easy path and look where it has gotten me. Now, my life consists of self-reflection (when I feel like it), study, some form of entertainment I allow myself (before I really actually go haywire), and yes, a few stolen moments with my best friend, Put. Urgh, the latter just sounded so wrong somehow. Let's just not expound on that.

Anyway, I am brimming with ideas, and I think today is the lucky day (lucky for whom, that's the question of the day ;) ) when I'm feeling generous enough to share. And due to the fact that I finally have access to internet (stolen from Baba, what else). So, brace yourself dear readers (failed mimicry of some sort of 18th and 19th centuries writer's address to his/her readers) for some explosive readings! You know it's going to be explosive, so pardon my language. I have already turned into a potty-mouth, and I'm incurable.


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