Monday, June 27, 2011


When I was small, I loved to watch Doraemon. I bought the whole Doraemon's manga series. I even have multiple copies of the same book. They are all gone now, gone with the wind (seriously, I just misplaced them as what a careless child that I am would do). Anyway, the main point here is, I had always believed, secretly, that Doraemon exists. Back then. Adult that I am now, I do realise that Doraemon never exists. Unless....

Anyway, Doraemon has always been my secret hero until I was about 8 or 9. I believed that one day, if I fervently wished for it, I would be granted with my own Doraemon. Of course, when I do have my own Doraemon, I would name him 'Doraemon'. What else should I call him? My Doraemon would grant me all of my wishes. The main thing that I really really want from Doraemon (still do, if only Doraemon or something like that actually exists) is the magic door. Do you remember the magic door? The door that can lead you to anywhere you wish for? Yes, that door.

I'd love to be able to arrive to class on time without the hassle of travelling and all the walking to my exact destination. Travelling all over the world would not be near impossible due to the money and time constraints (money, mostly). I can be at Egypt this friday evening and still be able to be back on saturday for my favourite drama on tv. I can be in Tokyo and find more Doraemons for my whole family.

Anyway, if wishes were pennies, I'd be super-stinking rich by now :) Doraemon never exist but the thing is, I've never forgotten him. He's super-duper cool and he's one of the last links to my childhood that I hope to never lose. He reminds me of innocence, dreams and wishes.


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