Saturday, June 25, 2011

Short (More Like Long) News

Short post for news:

  1. 2PM has just released their new album 'Hands Up'. Why is it worth a mention at numero uno. Just simply because I can. I love 2PM and I like their new album. I've bought 3 of their songs (legally. Is there any other way? Wait, don't answer that) and I'm waiting for God of Money to bestow me some richness so I can waste my life and become indolent. No, I'm thinking of ways to sell a section of my liver to pay my day-to-day expenses, school fees and yes, to buy the physical copy of 2PM new album. So, give 2PM's Hands Up a try. I love it, so it's compulsory for you to love it too. Because I say so.
  2. Dora came back for her short break a few weeks ago. YAY! I managed to meet her twice. I was really happy to see her. We went for karaoke and drinks (yes, the alcoholic variety, you how I love my whiskey sour, hohoho). I missed the chance to see her one last time before she went back as we lost our way to Seoul Garden IOI Puchong. So, I feel bad. However, I'm still happy that I got to see her, even if our gossip time was so limited. Now I can't wait until Yaya comes back for her elective :)
  3. 3rd block is pure torture. I love what I'm studying, but God help me, it's too much for too little time. I know I have to be diligent and study hard, but seriously, it's just too many things to read and memorize. It's like a never ending number of sand by the sea.
  4. I finally, finally , finally, finally, have my driving license. Driving skills are still sketchy at best, but hey, I'm trying! It's like discovering that I have wings to fly. Well, at least a way to travel other than public transportation and walking :)
  5. Jaja succeeded in gaining her MSc in Mathematics! Chuka-hamnida Jaja!!!! Life is going great for you. Many blessings in the future for you, that's my prayer! And I hope your PhD is going to start as soon as humanly possible :)
  6. Baba finally subscribes to fibre optic internet (= superfast broaband, in layman's term :P) for our home. From this upcoming Thursday until October, we have access to unlimited data. That means, internet abuse. That equals to time-awasting. Hohoho.
  7. Baba also finally upgraded his mobile phone to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Why not iPhone4 or BB you said? Because I chose so. Because I like it. Because there are just too many human beings that use those 2 types of mobile phones, and frankly, I've never been the trendy type. So, baba has to get used to a touch screen mobile phone I've chosen for him.
  8. There was a water cut scare a few days ago. It was a scare, in other words, our home is not affected. Why I'm sharing this? It's because I don't want to stop at 7.
  9. THE END. How much longer do you expect me to write?

P/S: Dora's male cousin is just so cute. He's nice too, he sent me home, right to my front door :)


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