Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yay, double yay, triple yay, super yay, mother-of-all-yays!!!!! We finally have a home broadband installed!!! It's superfast and it's unlimited (at least until the end of this coming August T_T). I'm happy, so now I have to summon all my willpower and discipline to limit my internet use and not to abuse this gift from Baba :) I will use it wisely Ba (or at least without super-abusing it).

Anyway, one thing to note about the application and installation process is how anal retentive I am. Yes, anal. I asked millions of questions, repeating the questions over and over again in various different ways (re-phrase, anyone?) before I let Baba commit to Maxis (yes, we are one of the few early birds who subscribe to Maxis instead of TM's Unifi, that's another story for another post). Then, I kept on calling Mama to ask about the progress of the installation (I wasn't there physically, but hey, I'm there sprititually!). I even talked to the person who came to install our fibre-optic line like more than once.

Anyhow, I learned from experience that I cannot let go of things and I have to handle everything. Delegation is a foreign word to me (hey, I did learn about it, I just don't practice it often). At least when it comes to things I really enjoy and love. Homework and assignments, not so much. Second thing to note is this:

No matter how many pictures I took, it never fails to amaze me. There's only one word to describe this: MESS. Yes, I came to conclusion that it's a jumble of mess of gadgets of only nerds-know-what. Why, dear Maxis, why do you have to use more than one modem or whatsthemathingie for our home broadband? Why do you have to have so many electrical wires (while I do understand the need, can't you be more, uhm tidier than this?)? Please please please the great engineers of this whole wide world and Maxis (specifically Maxis), please adopt a tidier way of installing home broadbands. Please? And why do you even use a TM's gobsmackiethingie? I know you rent your line from TM (or something akin to that), but hey, at least try to paste some other signs on that huge-smack-me-in-the-face TM insignia.

Thank you.


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