Monday, November 12, 2012

What's New, Or, Not So-New....

It's been literally months since I've written here. My life has taken to a new direction since late 2010, and I'm thanking Oh Lord Allah SWT for giving me so many chances in life to start anew. Anyway, these days, my life has taken a new pattern. School, family time, friends time and internet time, all separated into neat little boxes of it's own.

80-90% of my time is spent on school. Now, there may be lots of interesting things happening in school, but I'll just keep that in my box of memories for now ^^ Every once in a while, when my pockets are a bit fuller, I'll go out with friends, usually the usual suspect, my bestie Ms. Princess. Sometimes with Shima and a few with others like Marilyn and Aravind.

My life is boring to some, but I really love it these days. Other than my real life, I am a full fledged fan of 2PM, a Korean boyband. Well, unless someone miss the notice somewhere, this is not exactly new. That said, I am sharing a random photo above since I love it. The purse is new by the way. I shared it with little sister B.


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