Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praise Be To Allah

Alhamdulillah I've finished my first year with no major problems :) I'm happy with my result, while it's not super stellar, it's still at the good end of the class. I'm happy I'm enjoying my classes and learned great things relevant to my future career. I'm happy to meet new friends, who, while they are way younger, they have the joie de vivre that I very much admire in someone so young.

I'm also happy that I'm still keeping in touch with Put, Dora, Nia and Joyce. Lately, Pink, Indah and Kak Tun have started to contact me, so my joy is complete. These are good people who are very special in my life. I'm still missing Evie, but since she's crazy busy, I understand. She already visited me earlier this year anyway :) Why am I whining like a little kid who got 10 candies instead of 100?

I am thankful that my parents, Mama and Baba are healthy. May Allah SWT will always bless them with health and wealth and happiness. I am also doubly thankful to Allah SWT that Nenek Maridah, my beloved granny is relatively healthy and well :) Nenek, you may say that you are not as spry as before, but you will always remain my beloved.

I am grateful that my siblings, Jaja and Totis (she hated that moniker, but I LOVE IT!), graduated with good results. May your Phd and Master studies go as well and may both of you will always be blessed with wealth! I am also happy that Little Boy is growing up well (still bratty and spoiled, but oh well) and just sat for his PMR examinations. May you be blessed with all As (8As) just like the rest of your siblings :) As for B, this year is such a trying year for you, but if you pout less and be nicer to your siblings, you'll probably be happier, no?


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