Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jun.K aka Junsu Of 2PM - Alive

I like. I really really like this!!!! I personally think Junsu is supremely talented :) Kim Junsu (aka Daegu Hyung-nim/Broadcast Man/Junsu Panda) composed a lot of great songs. Kan Mi Yeon's Sunshine, Dream High OST Kajima and 2PM's Hot are a few of his great songs. Here's his solo debut single, Alive, which I adore!

Jun.K (of 2PM) - Alive

Credits: Kim Junsu, JYPE

However, it's only sold as soft copy, as in no physical copy to be had. And to add insult to injury, it's only available to SOUTH KOREANS!!! I tried to buy it on MNet, it's not available to foreigners, well at least it was for me. I tried Melon, and I gave up after looking hard at the Hangul.

So, I'm writing an online message to the pertinent people about this issue here:

Dear JYPE and Jun.K,

Why are you guys being like this?
Don't you know this ehem 2* year-old noona is in love with Junsu?
Why are you restricting/limiting my love?
Why can't I just hold my Junsu, err my Junsu's single, Alive?
Why is it only available online?
Why is it only available for South Koreans?

Thank you so much for spending your precious 23 seconds to read my loving words.
Lots of love and kisses and hugs and erhmmm something else,


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