Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am A Girl

I am very much a 50s girl who lives in the new millennium. I love gentlemen who open doors, send me home and pay for dinner. I love dresses, skirts and all things frilly. I love playing dress-up and putting on make up on my face. 

I love perfumes, especially fruity, sweet and fresh smelling ones. I love refreshing body soaps and fruity smelling shampoo. I love body mists and lotions. I love to have minimum shoulder length hair, never shorter than that. I love hair pieces. I love shoes, especially 4-inch heels. I love bags, any sort of bags, be it a hand clutch to luggage bags. I love bling blings like bangles, necklace and rings.

I love belts and cute socks. I love home decorating stuff like mirrors and bed sheets. I love fluffy towels. I love cooking. I love to smell nice and look nicer. I love fresh flowers. I love desserts like chocolate eclairs, cheesecake and pastries. Basically, I am a typical girl who loves all things cute, beautiful, nice and sweet-smelling.


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