Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

It's been a few days since my ehem another 22nd birthday :P I'm happy to finally celebrate my birthday with my family this year! I knew my birthday was approaching but since it was nothing special, I kind of forgot about it (not really, but for the sake of a good surprise, let's say I did forgot). There was no suspicious movement detected so I didn't suspect that my siblings went out to buy my present on the day before my birthday.

Anyway, the story went like this:

Once upon  a time, a princess was born....Errr, skip that to 22 years later, on the day before her birthday, her whole family planned to eat out for dinner. The princess declined to come, since she was tired (read this: too lazy to bathe and get ready) but her younger sister pleaded her to come (actually told her that they were planning to eat at a new place they found online, which motivated her to come along). The princess relented and went for the dinner.

They ate dinner at a nice place, which they've eaten before (not a new place, but the princess has forgotten about that small detail). The princess shared her dinner with the Queen, her royal mother since the princess rarely eat late nowadays (they ate dinner at around 9ish). However, the princess, realising that she was in need of nutrition, ate small portions of each of her siblings' dinner :)

Moving on to the end of the dinner, her younger siblings Gegel and B went to the washroom (or so they said). The princess made a corny joke about Gegel and her affinity to public washrooms. Gegel and B came back with a nice cookies and cream cake topped with candles and birthday presents!!! The whole family sang 'Happy 22nd Birthday' merrily for the princess and the princess happily cut the cake!

The princess didn't get to eat her cake since her siblings were insisting on her opening her royal presents. The princess was so happy since she loves presents and she loves cute and girly things even more :)

Since I'm in a happy birthday mood, here are my presents from my family this year :P

The wrapping was super cute!!!! Did you see all the colourful ice-creams on the wrapping paper?
I got a really really cute brown plastic mug with a pink cover and a spoon sticking out that looked like ice-cream with waffle stick :) It's super kawaii!!!

Another known favourite of mine! Fire engine red girly stuff! I got a red purse :P It was wrapped in this lovely purple box with silver bows. Simple, classy and beautiful, all up to my discerning taste (err rightttt).

And lastly, an incongruent item, a pink eye shadow. It's a weird item considering it didn't fit the other items and it wasn't wrapped. It was put in an Elianto green plastic bag (so I know where it came from, not that I didn't know just by looking at this). Immediately I knew why they gave me this, which will remain a secret between my family and I :P

I had a lovely birthday this year. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Dora, Yaya, Fazan, Joyce, Janus, Aravind (man you called me right at 12am! Hahahaha thanks for that dearie!), Evie, Nicole, my Survivors 9802 friends and many many of my friends. I love you guys <3


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