Saturday, November 26, 2011

2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART II

2PM came on Wednesday, 2 days before their concert day on Friday. To me it's a good omen since they were not rushing things and had time to settle down and adjust a little bit to Malaysian scorching temperature and humidity :P It took me weeks to adjust to the heat and wetness when I came back, that I told my Mama that I was suffocating (seriously). Anyway, they arrived safely from South Korea at KLIA at 10.40pm. 

Sadly, I couldn't go and greet them at the airport since my parents were away and I had to mind my 15 and 16 year old younger siblings. Now, why didn't I thought of bringing them along in the first place? Ah, well it's because teenagers who are undergoing puberty are basically a mystery to me. They refused to go anywhere with me, so that's the end of it T_T I didn't scour for pictures, fancams or fan-accounts since I want to be surprised :)

On the second day, 2PM had their High-5 event with select few who bought the Rock Pit ticket (the ultra expensive ticket that equals the price of my mobile phone -_-) and official Hottest 3 members. How I envy those who got to go and touch these boys. I want to touch them badly!!!! Errr, now I sounded perverted, but hey fantasy is allowed here :P

D-Day was finally arriving. Sadly (I had a lot of these 'sadly's), my presentation was pushed back to that particular Friday (why, oh why do you have to do this to me?????) and since I ran out of reasons to back out (exam is 2 weeks away, so I cannot not do the presentation that Friday), I had to come to school at 2.30pm (man, I wished we could do the presentation at 8.00am!!!). I was doomed from the start since I knew the presentation would take a minimum of an hour since I wrote it myself. And with the 40-minute drive from school to the concert venue, I knew that I could only be there as early as 4.00pm :(

Anyhow, it was worse than that since my presentation took me 2 hours to finish. I even asked for special permission to go back early from my lecturer, which was granted, praised be Allah! I rushed home and reached the concert venue, Stadium Merdeka, at around 6.00pm. I didn't actually look at the time since I was frantically looking for Syikin and the gang (the girls I met during the ticket sale time).

However, the line was really really really really extremely messy and long. It was that bad. They have 3 entrances into the stadium and man, since the stadium is an old one that goes way back to before Independent Day (1957), the entrances are damned small. One entrance was specifially for VIP ticket holders, the other one for VVIP ticket holders and the last one was for Rock Pit and Free Seat ticket holders.

Now, I ask you, why the hell they have one small entrance for the biggest number of ticket holders? Since it was for Free Seating, many people actually came as early as 8.00am in the morning to line up to get a good place to sit (as closer to the stage as possible). Syikin even came at 1.00pm and she texted me saying that there were so many people already lining up in the heat. That's how dedicated these people were.

My heart sank to the bottom of the sea hearing that since I knew I had to line up at the end. When I arrived at the venue, like I said, the line was so damned messy with people coming from all sides instead of properly lining up from the end. I was khunfused by the mass of bodies and got pushed into the middle-front line. The pushing was so bad that I was pushed into an open ditch. Now, another question, did the organizers ever heard of the word safety hazard? The ditch is an accident waiting to happen. 

Luckily (another one of my many lucks), there were these 2 friendly and nice Chinese girls who cautioned me about the ditch and held me before I actually break my ankles. Since I was stuck in the middle of a sea of human bodies, I couldn't hold on to my mobile (and it has to stay in my pants' pocket for the duration before the concert) and I was semi-permanently separated from Syikin and Lywen :( 

But the girls, Rachel and Emilia (I assume that's how her name is spelled), were very friendly and in the middle of human body heat, we talked about 2PM and their songs. Then the sky threatened to open and wet all of us, thus people get anxious and angry that the organizers had yet to open the door to allow us entrance. It was already 7.00pm and the heat was unbearable (since I was stuck in the middle).

Then somehow people started pushing again and I was pushed to the entrance (can you believe how lucky I was???). But along the way, I was pushed into a metal pole, a metal barrier, a lot of rubbish on the floor and an angry protective Chinese guy who was protecting his girlfriend. He kept screaming at me (and I was apologizing and explaining that I was pushed by the melee and in no way that I want to hit on him, this stupid idiotic guy who didn't seem to think logically). After suffering all the pushings, I get to go in.

And was told by the organizer that I should sit on the front benches. Wait? Front benches? I thought I was supposed to seat at the back? But the khunfused me who just suffered back pain, muscle pain, feet pain, mental pain and all sorts of pain, just walked meekly to her the place she directed me to and sat. Then another lady came and told me that 'there are so many empty seats in the front row, why don't you sit there?' . My heart was jumping with joy and I get to sit on the 3rd row from the floor (I chose the 3rd row since any lower I felt that I couldn't see the stage as people would stand on the floor) which is about 20 to 30 steps away from the stage. Man, I had a very clear view of the stage.


fLux said...

Khunfuse? :P

Harley said...

@fLux Hahhahaha, it's a term coined by someone from 6theory forum I think :P Khunfused instead of confused :) Cute right?

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