Sunday, November 6, 2011

How I Fell (Or Re-Fell) In Love With Kpop

I've been listening to kpop for a while now. It started when I was in high school, during my dramas heyday (I watched tons and tons and tons of dramas). I started off with Japanese dramas, well it's Western dramas first, but that's a given. I used to watch Power Office Girls (one of my all-time favourites) and other J-dramas (J for Japanese) religiously that I even bought the VCDs. 

Yes, VCDs. Back then DVD and Blu-Ray are not yet invented. And internet has yet to reach to what we have now (where we can stream online or download an illegal copy, oops). Since I love dramas, I buy the original copies (well, actually back then the pirated copies were yet to be made for J-dramas :P). They were hella expansive!

Anyway, from J-drama, I moved on to J-pop (or Japanese music, to be exact). From there I fell in love with Hikki (courtesy of Farah Hana), L'arc~en~ciel (courtesy of Farah Hana) and many others (again, many thanks to Farah Hana!). Then, the first Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) came with the introduction of Korean dramas. K-dramas are different from J-dramas. Their story line makes more sense and back then it was the 'Seasons Dramas' that were 'The Thing'. Autum In My Heart is my favourite (a drama about...Well, in conclusion everyone that matters die in the end. Oppps).

From there, I started to listen to Kpop. I listened to Kangta, Group S (Kangta's project group), Shinwa, SG Wannabe, Fly To The Sky, Loveholic, Clazziquai, J, SeeYa and Loveholic. Then I forgot about them and Kpop. Years later, I listened to Kpop reluctantly as Rachel loves them (miss you so much Rachel McClintock!!!). We discussed Kpop almost every week during our weekly dinner/lunch (usually dinner :P).

From her, I get to know that Kpop has already changed. Shinwa is no more (inactive due to army enlistments and so on). H.O.T has disbanded. Loveholic went the same path as H.O.T. Ditto SeeYa. Fly To The Sky's Hwanhee and Brian fought :( SG Wannabe is not active anymore with one former member committing suicide recently. Clazziquai becomes inactive when Alex becomes active in acting and his solo career. J...She went and produce a Kristian album and just lately came back to her former style.

Anyhow, now we have SNSD, Wonder Girls, SHINee, TVXQ, Kara, Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM. Well, now as in when I started to listen to Kpop again, which is around 2009. 

  • SHINee lost my interest once I saw a bunch of young skinny girly looking teens who wore tight brightly coloured pants. 
  • Wonder Girls was okay since Nobody MV is pretty funny (but I'm never a fan). 
  • SNSD again lost me at the immense number of young skinny girls dancing around (I know there are 9 of them but Gee is such a difficult song to get into for someone who loves R&B like me and add 9 girls who look indistinguishable to me, indifference won the day). 
  • TVXQ is okay (I love Mirotic but it's hard for me to like pretty guys like Yunho and Jeejong).
  • Kara, well their songs never actually captured me (other than Mister).
  • Big Bang....I like them but they somehow look like a gangsta-wannabe in their Haru Haru MV :( That turns me off somehow. But I really really like their earlier music (Lies and Haru Haru).
  • 2PM...Well, since I wrote about them like how I do my prayers, everyone must have know how I love them. Like a maniac. Totally unsuitable for a erhmm 22-year-old. Even though they are all younger than me:
  1. None of them are feminine looking.
  2. Again & Again just cinch the deal. I listened to it the whole 10-hours flight back home from Auckland. Thank you Rachel :)
  3. They do acrobatics. After watching so many videos of girls and guys dancing like SNSD's Gee, my eyes are indifferent to Kpop dances. I know currently they are not doing acrobatics anymore, but hey, I love them when they do, so I love them still now :)
  4. The Jay incident. I love scandals and sob-fest. This just put another extra brownie point for 2PM since they faced such a huge difficulty from late 2009 until 2010.
  5. Their live performances. They looked very energetic :) I love it! (Even though half of them are not even decent singers).
  6. Nichkhun.
  7. Their varieties like Idol Army and in shows like Strong Heart. After watching wishy washy SNSD members interviews (OMG, can't they be more boring in Strong Heart :( ? Especially Yoona. SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY AT ALL!) or Wonder Girls (what's with these girl groups trying to be perfect all the time?) or 2NE1 (just watch Dara and Bom on Strong Heart, you'll get what I mean) and boring answers given by most male idols in interviews, I just gave up on Kpop idols in terms of personality. 2PM craziness just revived my faith in humanity :P

I can go on and on (this is super long already), but in conclusion, I fell in love with Kpop, lost interest and then fell in love with 2PM.



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