Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naughty Little Critter

This little critter is always in motion.

Sequence 1: 
'Isn't it just fun to play wrestling with my cousin!!! I've perfected my headlock technique, all before I reach 7 years of age!'

Sequence 2:
'Is it music that I'm hearing? LET'S PARTEYYYYYYYYYY!'

Sequence 3:
*Poke poke poke*. Let's play poke-the-camera!

Sequence 4:
Amazing! Captivated by crap TV show that our local channel is putting on Eid al-Adha mornings.

Sequence 5:
'What shall I do now?' - 2.3 seconds before he went off to do what he's done best, fooling around.

This is my little cousin on the maternal side (my aunty's little boy). He's infamous for his naughtiness :) I haven't seen him in a while and boy, this boy just never stop. He's constantly moving about, poking, prodding, playing and generally making a mess of everything. He's also a smart-ass...Err...Inappropriate use of language below 12 years of age.....Okay.

Anyway, he's also a sweet and entertaining boy. Just this morning, while we were visiting Nenek Maridah (my maternal granny), he gave us all a flower. Which he picked from Nenek Maridah's garden. Which she loves and cultivates like a second child -_- 

Anyhow, he also happened to whistle upon my second sister, Totis' entrance when we arrived. Which is ironic since he just pronounced my sister as 'ugly' just a few months ago. A precocious boy indeed. My uncle even laughed and said, 'I haven't passed down the secrets of  'mengorat' (flirting)!!! And my 7-year-old has successfully done it!'. 


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