Saturday, November 26, 2011

2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART I

I am a 22 year old with a lot of extremes. Okay, many of you know my age, so let's just stick to 22, shall we? I have moved on from my teenage years of loving so many artists....Wait, I've never actually loved so many artists. I only loved Backstreet Boys since I was 12 -_- Well, I've loved BSB to pieces since I was 12 and people know it (since I talked about them ALL the time. I mean ALL the time, really). My dream since I was 12 came true last year when BSB came to Auckland for their worldwide concert.

Somebody told me about it since I didn't actually follow the concerts in Auckland and I desperately tried to find  ticket for the concert. Fortunately, my best friend Joyce wanted to tag along (she is actually worse than me since she actually bought some hella expensive official goodies) and both of us had real fun during that concert. The highlights of the concert were - We got lucky that we bought a NZ$100+ tickets for a much lesser price and the seats were about 10 to 15 seats away from the stage (they are floor seats and they are soooo awesome!!!).

Anyway, the whole point of this story is since BSB, I've added another favourite artist that I follow religiously. Yes, it's 2PM. Since every few of my posts is about 2PM, it's very obvious that 2PM is my thing, my other 'extreme', I'd like to call it :P Again, I got really lucky this time that 2PM chose Malaysia as one of their tour venues (since Malaysia is notorious for being overlooked for any concerts T_T People just go to our neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand instead). So I went to VIVA at around 2pm (wow this post is sprinkled with 2PM everywhere!), and surprisingly, the line was really really long. I actually thought not many people will go and buy the tickets since I had this impression that 2PM is not that loved in Malaysian kpop scene.

Now, why did I say that? First off, all of my friends who are into kpop are not into 2PM. I mean all of them. It's either Big Bang or Super Junior or 2NE1 that is their favourites. Secondly, any Malaysian kpop TV shows, countdowns, music shows and such rarely play any 2PM songs or clips. Really rarely. In any dance cover competitions, no competitors in Malaysia ever covered 2PM's choreography. In kpop radio shows in Malaysia, 2PM's songs are rarely played. So get what I mean, 2PM is equal to rarely or never in any Malaysian kpop world.

I could say I'm an anomaly (in my mind :P) since I actually fell in love with 2PM in Auckland. I've been away for 5 years and I was disconnected with Malaysian kpop world for that period of time. It was Rachel Mcclintock who introduced me to 2PM. It was a slow process of falling in love. I liked them at first but it was more like a casual like (I can take them or leave them kind of like). Then, I was browsing the song playlist on my 10 hour flight back to KL and saw a familiar name by the name of 2PM. So I played 2PM's Again & Again the whole 10 hour flight. That's how I fell in love.

Anyway, with that in mind, my surprise was actually a shock since I had to line up for about 2 and a half hours to get my ticket. Luckily I met Syikin who knew that there was another venue where we can buy the ticket and she and Lywen went to that place to buy our tickets! So, now I was in possession of a RM191 free seating 2PM concert ticket. Apparently, it was quite expensive (it was actually the cheapest ticket I could get my hands on) since a girl told me that Super Junior's concert's cheapest ticket is cheaper than that.

But I just had to go. So RM191 is a huge sacrifice for me who don't have a job, who is still studying and who is practically saving-less. Anyway, it is a free seating ticket which means I had to came in really early to get a really good seat. I was really happy since the concert day fell during my holiday break so I could come as early as the day before and nothing can hold me back :P


Chongwei said...

my goodness! you know what's funny? ;) I love BSB since forever... and just like you, 2PM was added into my list of favourites after that! Haha great to know someone shares similar interests :D

Harley said...

@Chongwei Hehehehehe hi fellow fan!!! Yup BSB and 2PM for me forever :P Well, until death do us part :P

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