Saturday, November 5, 2011


E-mail is a great thing created this century. With e-mails, we get to send messages, notices and files like pictures and songs. It's not like Facebook or Twitter, since everyone has an e-mail. It's universal. I myself check my e-mail minimum once daily, it's like a habit now. It's convenient and fast and the messages sent will not likely be lost somewhere between you and the recipient. Unless you actually forgot to press Send button >.< Which has happened to me at odd times -_-

Anyway, with this great invention, comes a great burden. Yes, spam mails. Lately, whenever I see (1) sign next to my e-mail inbox, I get all fuzzy and warm. I am waiting for a great news to wow me. Alas, it's the 'Enlargement Penis, It Will Help You To Enjoy' email. Or 'Western Union, You Got Money Sent' bullshit. What do they think I am? 3? Unless I grow a penis overnight, I don't need it (to the former) and no, I stop believing that money grows on trees overnight when I was 9 (the latter).

Furthermore, I'm suspicious to any e-mails of unknown origin. It stems from the words 'virus' and 'malware'. Anyway, they should also check their spelling and grammar. Some of these e-mails (of the same vein) have such atrocious spelling, I end up smiling and whooops, these emails have magically become my entertainment of the day. 'It Will Help You Enjoy'? Something is wrong somewhere there. No, thank you. I'm enjoying my life as it is. I find there is no need for me to take Viagra any time soon or any time in the future (unless in the miracle of science, someone has found some medicinal properties in Viagra like it can cure stupidity).

One thing I would say about my e-mail is, I have 3, anymore than that is redundant. The current one that I'm using regularly is the one I created when I was 13 (or 12, I actually don't remember the specifics). I remember setting it in my high school computer laboratory. That reminds of of another story......Anyway, it holds a great meaning to me, my e-mail address I mean. Again, that's another story. Anyway, my whole point here is I'm getting spam mails. About penis enlargement and free transfer money. Life doesn't get any better than that.


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