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2PM Asia Tour In Malaysia (25 November 2011) - PART III

Once firmly seated and exulting over my luck (I came in late and get to go in the earliest and get to sit on a good seat), I get on talking to the people around me. Apparently, the area where I was seated was a special area for contest winners @_@. And I was the only ticket buyer on that row. Hohohoho. If only I was as lucky as the contest winners :P

I also saw old couples with children on the cordoned area on the floor in front of us. Since they were not shouting or jumping up and down, I knew that they were some bigwigs from the organizers and sponsors companies. I felt like saying, 'Shit, since you don't seem interested, why don't you let crazy fangirls like me to sit at your place :P'. Slowly the empty seats were being filled up. I feel proud to say that all of the Free Seat areas and Rock Pit area were filled to the brim. There were even people who sat on the stairs. Another intelligent question to the organizer, have you ever heard of safety exit? What if a fire occurs and there are people who are blocking the stairs causing untold congestion and accidents? Did they actually sell more tickets than the stadium's capacity?

Anyway, the only seats which were not filled and kept empty were the VVIP/VIP seats. And those seats were reserved for companies bigwigs, so I could understand if they were not into kpop :) Kpop is not that mainstream in Malaysia as many would believe. Otherwise, all of the seats were occupied. Even before the concert started, people were really hyped up. There were screams when 2PM were flashed on the side screens and chants for 2PM were peppered in between random screaming.

I myself refrained from screaming as I was saving it for 2PM :P My Hottest (Malaysian Hottest fanclub) were organizing a surprise event of bubble blowing after Thank You so they came in and distributed bottles of bubbles to the front seats (I chose the blue one). Sadly, people were so distracted, only few including moi, blew bubbles after Thank You. The effect that they wanted was sadly not achieved.

The concert started off with the lights being dimmed, pyrotechnics and green laser beams. It was really awe-inspiring. 2PM came onto the stage with full of energy singing Hot (Junsu AKA Jun.K's composition). I didn't exactly remember much of the whole concert since I was busy screaming away, singing along, dancing, jumping up and down, screaming all of the members' names, screaming 'I LOVE YOU' and 'SARANGHEYO', and making that heart sign with my arms on top of my head to Wooyoung and Junho. Wooyoung actually did that heart sign back to me! Okay, maybe he's just doing it randomly but hey, I'm allowed to my delusions.

The whole stadium was singing ALL of their songs which was really awesome since it means that they are real Hottests who actually listened to their songs and know the lyrics. Even the older guy who sat next to me knew all of their songs and was singing along and dancing! If I would to list the highlight of the concert, it would definitely be the Back2U's performance. The sexy girls in man shirts, the close body contacts, the sexual undertone of the dance, the semi-stripping, the sexy slow song. All of them made the crowd go wild. But it was Hands Up and 10 Out Of 10 that made people stood up and jumped around like crazy. The whole stadium even did the one hand up thingie that they did in the dance during Hands Up and the awesome 10 Out Of 10 hand waving (with all fingers splayed wide signalling 10 out of 10).

Not forgetting their most favourite hits Heartbeat (man people were doing the hand movement) and Again & Again. For me, the highlight of the concert was actually Again & Again since it's one of my all time favourite. The crowed was awed by Chansung's sword performance and Nichkhun's angel and devil performance. People were having fun with Junho's song (the one he sang with Wooyoung) and Nichkhun's and Taec's My Valentine. Junsu got serious screams and chants for his performance in Alive. That song is a really great song that made all of us felt alive! Love it!

They also performed their older hits like Don't Stop Can't Stop, Without You, I'll Be Back and many more. Again, it's impressive that people were doing all the hand signs for their songs like the thumbs up for I'll Be Back, okay sign for Without You, punching dance for Again & Again and throwing hands up in the air like a boss (and you don't give a fuck) for Don't Stop Can't Stop. 

One thing I could safely say for 2PM is they know how to work the crowd. They didn't just stick to their choreography, they were extremely playful and teased the crowds with winks, butt-slappings, waves, love signs, random burst of random dances, adlibs and many more. They utilized the stage to the fullest, walking and dancing around from one end to another. They were also very very energetic, dancing and jumping around for the whole 2-hour concert.

My personal impression of 2PM:

  • Junsu can speak English very well since he spoke a lot of English. Me gusta! I was really surprised since he rarely speaks English before. It is always Taec and Khun who speaks English.
  • Chansung is very shy since he rarely talks and when he does, he speaks really properly to thank fans and such. The members teased him mercilessly. I remember when some interviewer asked him what's the advantage of being the youngest, and he said 'Basically there is none'. LOL!
  • Taecyeon is very very playful! He's the one who teased the crowd the most!
  • Nichkhun can actually sings pretty well! He sounded good live and he sang within his voice range and abilities :)
  • Junho is indeed an Emperor! He has that aura around him of 'Touch me not' somehow :P His song is really really good (he should promote it!) and he can burst into random cuteness sometimes :) Oh did I also mention he danced like a BOSS? He did the flips, the hand stand etc like it was effortless! Ah and I think he sent a heart to me (again leave me a delusion to hold on to).
  • Wooyoung is just plain adorkable! His body is like a temple and man he can roll like nobody's business! He also did the most heart signs to the crowd!
  • The boys are extremely good looking up close, extremely tall with long long legs, very healthy looking, very energetic, very funny and great performers who are great in engaging the crowd :) They have great stage presence! Ah did I forgot to mention one of them mistakenly greet us with Hello/Hi/What's Up SINGAPORE? It was a LOL moment which I actually missed since the crowd was so wild (the guy next to me was the one who told me).

In terms of fans, there are mostly girls who came. The fans are of all ages, some teenagers, some youngsters as young as 10 years old (why are her parents allowing her to attend a concert @_@), some in their 20s and 30s and there are even families coming. But there were also many many many male fans who actually know their songs and choreographies. The man who sat next to me was a nice man who knew all of 2PM's stuff! Oh Nichkhun's family was also there! Man Nichkhun is so lucky that his family came to many of their concerts (even in Korea and Japan!). There were even fans from Singapore, Thailand and surprise surprise, Japan! Why they came all the way from Japan to Malaysia is a mystery to me since 2PM has a 9-venue tour in Japan soon -_-

Random Note: It was so hot when we were queuing up outside and we were sweating like horses after a run that a girl made a crack saying that 'That's why we are the Hottests!'. Hahahhahahahahahaa.

Anyway, I had tons of fun! I'll write more once I recall any random stuff regarding the concert and 2PM <3


P/S: Pictures coming soon! Sorry no fancams since I don't have a camera T_T


~kooala~ said...

awesome post! i felt the same way during the concert^^ oh oh and really, wooyoung also did the same heart sign to me <3 keke

p.s: some vvip&vip were empty because of the SPM..i knew cause even my parents wont allow my sister to come, eventho tickets were bought.her friend's parents did the same too.bad timing i guess :P

Harley said...

@~kooala~ Thanks! I re-live the concert in my mind every second today :) Oh yeah, I just realized many are still sitting for SPM even though there were actually some who came despite that :P

fLux said...

Good post Harley! Well elaborated and I think you've covered most part of the concert too.. hehe It's so right about Taec especially at the end of the concert when he suddenly jumped at our Free Seating section. It was most heart-warming experience ever!

Next round, let's go there together. Surely not sure whether I should camp or not, since yesterday proof me wrong ;D Fans were crazy!!

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