Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm on 2PM roll here. I just have this sudden need to watch all their old MVs. However, today is a special day ^^. I kept singing this phrase and humming out this tune, so naturally I thought of Big Bang. It's more likely it is their song since it has the Big Bang feel when I hummed it. Then, I remember. It's not Big Bang, it's Junsu (or JunK)!!! It's his composition that he wrote years ago and it got a new breath for its debut in 2PM's latest album Hands Up. I love this song!!! It's an up-tempo song and it is featured in the soon-to-be-released Korean movie 'Blind'.

I think it's very 2PMish. 2PM has so many techo-pop songs and they fit them so perfectly. And they suit them since they are a dance group. Anyway, I'm sharing my bit of heaven today!

Credit: 2PM, JYPE

P/S: What's super-deabak about 2PM videos is that JYPE put an effort in putting English subtitles for us, Korean illiterates ^^


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