Tuesday, August 4, 2009

should i?should i not?

god knows i'm shallow enough a 3-year old child won't be drowned in my head (a statement the opening sentence...is that a good sign?)...let's talk about shopping and sale shall we?i'm saving all the money i can spare...the reason is, shall we say that i have some ideas with that saved money...enter smith and caughey's (u know the hallowed ultra expensive shopping place that rarely been visited by dear ole' moi coz of economic purposes) into the picture and it's massive crazy sale...things like designer perfumes, toilettes, shoes and home decorations are sold at this crazy (affordable) price, tempting poor buggers like who are supposed to be on strict shopping diet...why are all of my favourite things are on sale???that's the main question here...my theories are:

  • they are evil...the make us salivate and at the end, we will definitely break...i bought 2 aromatic diffusers coz i thought they were cheap (can u imagine designer aromatic diffuser are like $13 for 2 bottles?!!!!)...now i'm having this 'should i, should i not' internal (and not so internal as i did ask rini just now about it) debate about whether should i buy this divine escada ocean lounge perfume (it's a 50ml edt that cost a pittance at $52!err at least it is rather cheap for a good perfume!)...will someone tell me whether i should (or should not)!!!!
  • they are creatures from hell...a lot of perfumes are on sale....i saw dkny be delicious midnight perfume (thought i don't actually favour it's smell, it's a perfume...by the title of 'perfume' itself gives it an indesribable allure that attracts me like a bee to honey!) and some others...i'm salivating...and ah men's perfumes (i have this great need to buy 2 bottles for my brother and father)...
  • they are born with 2 horns (not a ram darn it!) aka the devil...a devil's handmaiden aka rini told me that shoes such as witchery's and some other designers shoes are like $60-$90...still expensive that i need to sell one of my kidneys, i know, but considering their designer origins, yeah, those are kinda cheap....

in the end i made this conclusion that smith and caughey's is the very devil and it's natural variations for my purse...


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