Sunday, August 9, 2009

the generous moi

i didn't know i have a streak of generosity a mile wide...when i was small (it's well established that a general social trait must be instilled when one's still a child, it'll last longer that way *shrug*) i used to offer my second sister, gegel to anyone who thought she was so darned cute and adorable...i even agreed for a trade-up for a bunch of white cotton-tailed rabbits with this cuddly-bear uncle who was so fond of gegel (i don't remember him exactly but i really remember the rabbits)...

gegel was a very very adorable baby and child...she was chubby, cute, with atypical bronze and golden-like tufts of hair and very clear milky white skin...this is in fact quite amazing, comparing gegel when she was a baby to jaja or i as babies...she was like a caucasian baby, very desirable to lots of asian/malay parents...i really secretly thought there was some mistake at the hospital she was born and mama got the wrong baby....but alas, when she grew up, she kinda share similar facial features to the rest of us, conforming there is no mistaken babies trade....but the main story here, i remember i used to offer her to anyone who expressed any slight interest...i am indeed very generous...let's hope gegel would also be generous to me and not murder me when i'm asleep...


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