Thursday, August 13, 2009

nara?dania tania?

how many ways can a baby's name be bungled up by 2 people?from what i've heard from mama and baba about 3-4 hours ago, my cousin boy and his wife have a new baby girl...mama rhapsodized about the baby's cuteness for indeterminable minutes and when i could finally put in words edgewise and asked for the baby's name, she came out with a lot of variations:

dania, tania dalmia, tania dania, tamia deniah etc (somehow all of these sound like a dog breed/pasta sauce that can be found everywhere here in auckland, very doubtful)

then i get to asked baba about the baby's name, u know, just in case he remembers it more correctly, he promptly came out with:

nara (this doesn't even have any rhyme or reason to mama's variations, not even close, and baba didn't even try to remember...he just popped that name out of thin air...he must've thought 'yes, this sounds about right, nara it is!', just to placate me)

those 2 variations clash like purple top and red can a name be funnied up so crazily it's unrecognisable???that's my mama and baba....


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