Monday, August 31, 2009

comment please

i wonder if my comment thingie down there (look up!not down there as in below u!it's at the bottom of each of my post!) is working...i tried and it seemed to not correspond to my gentle touch (err more like hammer fist)...anyhow, i'm not sure whether it is working or not, so, please, i plead in supplication to all of my around 5 daily gentle-readers, can u tell me whether the comment section is working by leaving a 'this thing is actually working!' message to me at the comment section here?or if it's not, would u be ever so nice and email me at!love u muah muah!

p/s: this may seemed like a very subtle hint for u guys to comment but i swear to god i'm not dropping hints left and right for u guys to leave me some words!i swear!don't need to feel forced to respond to my posts!


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