Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ewww!!!get a room!

okay, maybe not a room...but somewhere where there is no human to be disgusted by u would be great k...nia told me this 'ewww' story that happened to her yesterday...she was studying at the second floor computer space in kate edgar....u know how crowded that space is every afternoon...people have to wait to get a computer...

anyway, she was studying and in between reading, she looked around...she saw this guy (her description - caucasian male, youngish, probably a first year, with pimply face and orangey hair) near her table and he was studying calculus (from the cover of his opened textbook)...then she saw something no one should ever see in such a public and prestigious place like a university public area....this guy had his fly open and his errr 'privates' escaped from his pants...it wasn't an unfortunate accident...he was deliberately touching himself!!!

do u know what i'm talking about here???email me if u don't!anyway, that's truly yucky!especially for a girl!!!nia said that guy saw her looking at him and he smiled!!!sheepishly she admitted but still!!!i would've ran and never look back if i'm caught in such a compromising position (quoting from so many romance books), not that i'd do something like that in public, mind u!!!my advice is - if u are that desperate, go to the toilet!it's private!no wandering eyes will be offended by such display...

more importantly, that's just plain lacking in taste...can u imagine touching the computer, the mouse, the chair and the table that the guy touched (after he had done whatever he had done)???remind me to buy a sanitiser soon!!!


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