Monday, August 10, 2009

who, me?

it's hard to pin blame on people when eventually u know that it's ur own darned fault (with the texan accent please, u know, the 'darned' part)...i have an addiction (a confession???) dexter...u know the tv series...each season comprised of 12 episodes and the latest season, season 4, is going to be aired soon in america...i can actually say it's yaya and dora's fault...they were looking for movies to copy from ainn/amir's external hard drive and i was curious enough to check what ainn/amir has in her/his drive...dexter stood out coz i remember jaja or gegel loving this series...

then i got on watching the first episode...then the next...after that, the after...and so's like a malicious's virulent....i can also blame this addiction to ainn/amir...if they haven't lent out their external, i wouldn't even thought of watching dexter...i was in my 'drama rut' these last few weeks since i had seemed to lost interest in new dramas...but alas, my addiction is back...i can actually say it's jaja/gegel's fault too...someone mentioned that this series is intriguing and i have to start watching the end, it is me and only me who watch, the moral of the story here, don't watch's such an awesome drama, u seem to get glued to ur screen until u watch all of the episodes...*pst pst, just in case u r interested what dexter is all about, click on the link of dexter above, and try watching the first episode!hehehe*


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