Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what's up?!

when i have nothing so say, it means i have nothing to doesn't mean that i have nothing to write...i can write about nothing for pages long...and make it as if it's 20 different subjects....*sigh*...i'm too bored with life right now...many work to do, many things to catch up...still...need to write something... my life is so inspiration-less right now...let me think for 3 seconds...hmm....

yeah, i found out that the cheap bakery at grafton sells this delish vegetarian pie!it was so yummy it literally melts in my mouth!thanks nia for the pie!next is my turn!next topic, i'm a squatter at dora and yaya's place now...i visit my dear abode around every 2 days...missed my bed...i've been living as an 'illegal alien' at dora and yaya's place for almost 2 weeks now!dora's probably bored looking at my good-lookin' face by now and might have feel that she wanted to boot me out soon ^^

anyway, i'm happy that mama bought me a set baju raya this year (like every other year)...nenek maridah (my favourite granny!) also made me a set of baju raya, in blue...mama said she wanted to have a purple theme this year for all of us ^^ ...that's jaja's favourite colour...anyway, the news is big coz mama rarely offer to post something for me...i love u mama and nenek maridah, dearly and forever!

these days i haven't got the time to go out hang out with friends...i miss my weekly gossip-dinner time with rachel...i miss going out to get dinner/bubble tea/shopping with evie and nicole (yeah i'm pretty sure i'm all 'shopped' out but hey, i really really need retail therapy now!did i tell u i bought these fantabulous witchery cream wedgie espardrille, so happy to have the bragging right to it!)...all of us seem busy these days...and broke...and depressed...and sad...

shout out to all of my friends out there!be happy - to:

put, farah, dora, yaya, amin, fazan, choon wei, nia, rachel, joyce, christina, janus (miss talking to u so much!u always go offline so soon!can't wait to see u in december!!!), evie, nicole, jessie, megu, indah, kak tun, gaurav, stacey, jae, christina (both stacey and jae seemed to be incommunicado these days!) (all in no particular order!if i miss someone, don't be offended!don't mean to leave ur name off!)

reality may seem too much but there were and will be days when everything is pure happiness!remember that!


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