Saturday, July 25, 2009

what can i do?

damnable things that can happen to me:

  1. i want to go out and celebrate a friend's b-day by going for a nice dinner - thus, do laundry 6 hours before the said dinner but alas, my clothes are not fully dried...normal laundry usually takes around 2 hours to be done but because i go out with friends for a nice coze at a cafe when my clothes are in the dryer (justifying to self that by the time i'm back home all of my clothes will be dried), my clothes are still partially wet (because it just happens)...what's worse is all of my good wearable clothes are the ones in the dryer...the ones left in the wardrobe have their own 'cuts and bruises' as in tears here and there, thus not wearable in have to miss that b-day dinner...i can't go there naked, can't i?
  2. i wake up 4-5 hours before's a lot of i do other things such as organising plans for the day, check my account, clean up my room, do my bed, water my plants, print out study notes and other things unrelated to getting ready for class...i reasoned to myself 'i have a lot of extra time...i should fill it with useful activities...i will start to shower and get ready for class an hour before class'...30 minutes before class, still in the shower, nowhere near half ready to go to class...time to walk to class, around 20 minutes, give or take (should reserve an extra 10 minutes due to the unpredictable auckland weather, thus resulting to 30 minutes journey time)...i keep thinking i can get ready within 30 minutes while in reality i spend around 45 minutes the least to get myself somewhere in the realm of presentablism (or else i will scare old ladies and little children)....result, late to class...

i have done a lot of stupid things in my life...these 2 defy logic...especially number 2 since i've done it over and over should say 'she must have learned from experience right?' but sadly, it's like a broken record playing, i keep doing it over and over again even when my intentions are good...what can all of you learn from these 2 scenarios?yup, i should've do my laundry the day before and i should've get ready 2 hours before class so that i won't be late....


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